“It seems that this nice new world has come, in which the technology giants silence those who have different opinions. We have taken the necessary measures and we are waiting for an official explanation from Twitter “, Zoltan Kovacs was quoted as saying by AFP.

“User @abouthungary has been suspended,” Twitter announced.

“It is extremely interesting given that the European Commission will publish today (Wednesday) its first report on the rule of law,” said a spokesman for Viktor Orban, a Brussels prime minister violation of the rule of law.

The European Commission is expected to publish its first report on compliance with the rule of law in the 27 member states on Wednesday. According to a summary obtained by AFP, the document raises “serious concerns” in the case of the Hungarian judiciary.

On Tuesday, Viktor Orban said Hungary was “denigrated” and demanded the resignation of European Commission Vice President Vera Jourova. Or Jourova had said on Friday about Hungary that it is a “sick democracy.” The European Commission rejected Orban’s request.