On Wednesday, Twitter blocked the distribution of a link to a New York Post article about Hunter Biden, warning that it is “potentially uncertain.” He later returned with the explanation that the article contains “pirated materials”.

The Twitter decision sparked a wave of accusations of bias on social media, including from Trump’s campaign and White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, whose accounts were blocked for the same reason.

Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s chief executive, admitted that the platform should inform users of why it intervened in this way.

“Our communication regarding the actions regarding the @nypost article was not great at all. And blocking the URL (Link to the newspaper’s website) for distribution or direct message with context 0, without accompanying it with an explanation – unacceptable “, he wrote on Twitter.

The New York Post article features screenshots of emails sent and received to Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden. It also includes private photos of him taken from a laptop left at a repair shop last year and which has never been claimed. The owner of the workshop failed to contact his client, and the hard drive reached the FBI.

Twitter said the discussions on the article did not violate its policies, but the restrictions were imposed due to the fact that private information such as e-mail addresses and material obtained through piracy are disclosed.

New York Post revelations

The article reveals an email from April 2015, in which a consultant for a Ukrainian energy company thanks Hunter Biden for inviting him to a meeting with Joe Biden in Washington.

publication there is no evidence that the meeting ever took place, and Biden’s campaign team denied the information, the BBC reports.

The thank-you email was sent by Vadym Pozharskyi, a consultant to Burisma’s board of directors, on April 17, 2015, less than a year before Joe Biden put pressure on Ukrainian government officials to fire the prosecutor investigating the company. New York Post.
“Dear Hunter, thank you for the invitation to DC and the opportunity to meet your father and spend time together. It is a real pleasure and honor “, it is shown in the mail.
Hunter Biden joined the energy company’s board of directors in 2014, when his father was US vice president, and resigned in 2019.

“We looked at the official appointments from that date and no such meeting took place, as the New York Post reports,” his campaign said.

On Wednesday, Twitter sent users who wanted to share the link to the article the following message: “We cannot comply with the request, as the link has been identified by Twitter and its partners as potentially harmful.”

The article could not be sent by private message either, users were warned that the link is “potentially insecure”. The platform later explained that the article violates the privacy policy and pirated content.

Donald Trump’s reaction
“It’s terrible that Facebok and Twitter have removed the story of the ‘Smoking Gun’ emails,” the US president wrote on Twitter. He told supporters that Twitter had blocked White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany’s account for “telling the truth.”