From a few months ago, Twitter had hinted that he was working on Fleets, a format of ephemeral publications as it happens in Intagram and other social networks. It is already a reality.

The platform that started with this concept and turned out to be a complete success, was Snapchat. From there, Instagram decided to shoot the format of publications with a duration of 24 hours, but, from that, all other social networks began to integrate this function.

Now we have stories in Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter and even a few weeks ago joined this trend LinkedIn, the platform that serves as a labor network.

Twitter, the social network that normally serves as a space for debate and a constant flow of information, was updated with Fleets recently and while some users consider it to be something absurd, there are those who have already experimented with this new format.

Regardless of the acceptance, the memes and the reactions have not been lacking, so we share some of the best.

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What do you think of the new Fleets in Twitter? Will you use them?