Dancer Tia-Maria Sokka eli Tinze, 30, shared an exceptional image of their bare faces on their Instagram account. The skin of the face is swollen and full of red, dry patches. In the caption, Tinze says he has suffered from atopic dermatitis since childhood.

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– It all started when I was only 2 years old. I have since childhood spent many nights in the hospital, talked to many doctors and taken hundreds of experiments, he says the update.

Health Library reports that atopic eczema or rash is an itchy, inflammatory skin disease that usually breaks out in infancy.

Tinze says stress, makeup, or food, among other things, cause skin symptoms. The cause of an allergic reaction cannot always be traced.

– My skin is extremely sensitive and may occasionally swell. I can not even count how many times I’ve woken up, so that my face and my body is red and tender and strongly on my skin itch and ache all over my body.

– I had to transfer many of the descriptions, because I have not been able to touch my skin or to open my eyes. One day my skin is smooth and the next day it explodes, he reveals.

Tinze says he was ashamed of his rash for years and tried to cover it up. Today, he experiences it as only one part of his life.

– It’s extremely frustrating sometimes, but nonetheless, I love my skin and body.

With her publication, she wants to help others with skin problems and allergies.