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Replicating the NBA model in Orlando, the program Shark Tank filmed his 12th season in a bubble at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.

Were two of the sharks Shark Tank, the reality show in which several successful entrepreneurs and billionaires -the sharks- invest in ideas brought by the contestants, those who saw the tip of the ball when in March the city of Los Angeles stopped producing television due to the coronavirus. Where were they going to shoot Season 12, Daymond John thought. “If this is an innovation program, we are going to have to innovate ourselves”, he advised the executive producer.

A few days later, tycoon Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team, perhaps the most famous shark on the show, added two plus two and decided that he had to create a bubble like the one the NBA set up at Disney World from Orlando in July, only theirs would be 4 hours from Los Angeles, In Las Vegas.

Cuban contacted the president of the Venetian, a 5-star hotel that in 2019 was voted the best resort by Conde Nast, and he dedicated a third of one of its towers to them, where he allowed them to build a set equal to the one they had for 11 seasons at Sony Studios in Culver City.

The set was reconstructed down to the smallest detail in the hotel’s Sands Expo Center, using the rooms in the Palazzo tower for the 250 people who worked on the production and they invented a fictitious wall so that those who filmed the show did not meet the hotel public. “We had arrows on the floor, halls that led us to elevators, there were people who did not see sunlight for 19 days,” Cuban recalls. His team did not win the basketball championship in Orlando, but he is more than proud to have managed this other bubble.

At first glance, saving the greatest distance between the chairs of the “sharks”, the first episode did not differ much from those of the previous season. Only now there is no physical contact and they can tell how after being isolated for two months, after initial quarantine and with weekly rapid tests, were able to emerge from there without a single positive case of COVID-19.

The rating accompanied them. Now, The Venetian is going to try to offer its bubble to other television productions. “They treated us like royalty, as if our health was the most important thing in the world,” praises Barbara Corcoran, another of the mega-entrepreneurs in the cast.

It is fall in the United States and they have begun to premiere several programs that come from the pandemic recess. Los Conners decided to revive in the debut of the new season an old episode in which George Clooney participated. It is expected next week that the tank This Is Us show how you plan to include the coronavirus within the plot. But Shark Tank, the show created by Mark Burnett, the same producer who gave Donald Trump his reality show Celebrity Apprentice, led the way.

“A good idea, sometimes it just takes a good idea.”

That’s what the guest shark said in the first episode, Blake Mycoskie, he creator of the successful Toms espadrilles. A tennis player born in Texas, who became an entrepreneur very young and at the age of 29 he decided to visit Argentina. In a presentation package in the program, he is seen giving notes in the Plaza Congreso and surrounded by smiling children in some part of the country marked by poverty.

He says that seeing so many barefoot children gave him the altruistic idea that he could donate a pair of espadrilles for each one I sold. His espadrilles are very fashionable and quite expensive, but he says that has allowed him donate 96 million shoes in the world. Now he created a company to attend to more spiritual needs, but he showed in reality that he knows how to sniff out a good idea when it is in front of him.



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