On Monday, Sweden and Denmark announced their intention to warn the UN and the EU of North Korea’s actions based on allegations in a TV documentary. Countries refer to the Danish filmmaker Mads Brüggerin document that North Korea is blatantly circumventing sanctions against it. This is what AFP says.

Known for special rapes, Brügger’s documentary The Mole was shown on BBC and Swedish SVT on Sunday, among others.

Brügger says he plotted a three-year covert operation for the documentary to uncover North Korea’s violations of international law.

To this end, he has recruited an unemployed Danish chef Ulrich Larsenin to perform as an admirer of communist dictatorships and to join the Spanish North Korean Friendship Organization in support of North Korea. For several years, Larsen is defeated by a Spanish nobleman who runs the organization Alejandro Cao de Benósin trust. Prameileva de Benós is considered the “gatekeeper” of North Korea worldwide, he says BBC.

In addition to these characters, the documentary features, among other things, a former soldier of the French Alien Legion convicted of cocaine trafficking, appearing as an international arms dealer.

According to the BBC, the style of the documentary is scandalous and the scenes seem unbelievable in places. Served on the UN Panel of Experts on North Korea Hugh Griffiths considers, however, the allegations made in it to be very credible.

The document sees, among other things, how the North Korean authorities are discussing ways to circumvent sanctions and sell arms abroad. Due to its nuclear weapons program, the country has been subject to UN sanctions since 2006. Sanctions prohibit both arms exports and imports.

– The film is the worst embarrassment of the President Kim Jong Unille, which we have never seen, Griffith says.

The document sees how a representative of a North Korean arms factory will sign the agreement, and how the parties plan to set up an arms and drug factory in Uganda.

While the scene seems incredible, North Korea has acted similarly before. According to the BBC, North Korea has built a disguised weapons factory in Namibia as a copper mine. According to the UN, these activities have been pushed down.

The document also shows how the North Korean ambassador to Stockholm apparently approves of building an arms factory.

The shops were never completed, but the actor, washed by the filmmaker, disappeared from the figures at the point when it came to money. In part, a hidden camera has been used to photograph the document.

In the press release, Denmark and Sweden say they are “very concerned” about the content of the document. That is why countries want to bring the document to the attention of the UN and the EU.

– We take the content of the document very seriously and it causes very problematic questions and concerns, the press release says.