The chairman of the Management Commission of the FC Barcelona, Carles Tusquets, has indicated this Monday after the first meeting of the Manager that his intention is to call presidential elections “near Christmas” but provided that the “maximum sanitary guarantees” are given so that the partner can vote en masse and calmly.

“Close to the Christmas holidays, now. But we will need to be able to vote with all the sanitary guarantees, because must be representative and trustworthy for the next president and Board of Directors, “he stated at a press conference on the electoral call, the main objective of the Management Commission.

To find that date that allows a maximum influx and maximum health security, the Management Commission creates a workgroup from this same Monday, made up of the partner’s trustee, Joan Manuel Trayter, as well as members of the club’s Discipline committee and Transparency committee, to act as interlocutors with the Government of the Generalitat and the health authorities.

The idea is to propose a work plan and calendar, coordinated with the Generalitat, so that the electoral process is carried out with the maximum guarantees of participation, health security and in accordance with our Statutes, “said Tusquets.” But it comes to us that there is a lot of difficulty in implementing a vote in the months of November and December, honestly, “he explained.

Guarantee the voting and option of several voting points

Objective, to set an electoral date and logistically guarantee voting, to which they will dedicate “all the logistical and human resources” of the club to organize it well. “We need members to be able to vote with the maximum guarantees, so that the new president is endorsed by enormous support and maximum participation,” he reiterated.

It does not rule out that the electoral vote takes place in various voting points distributed throughout Catalonia, up to the rest of the State, and that it is possible to vote by ordinary mail, as it happens in a Catalan or Spanish presidential election. Of course, he does not see any option for electronic voting.

“Our Statutes they do not allow electronic voting, did not go ahead. But we can promote the promotion by regular mail, not email. We will use all possible means but we cannot perform miracles or change the Statutes, “he argued.