Tuscany Grand Prix: Procedure for changing tires at a distance

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After the finish of the Grand Prix of Tuscany, the Pirelli press service published information on the procedure for changing tires at a distance …

Racer Start 1 pit stop 2 pit stops 3 pit stops 4 pit stops 5 pit stops
L. Hamilton C3u C2n (8) C1n (32) C2n (44) C3u (45)
V. Bottas C3u C2n (8) C1n (31) C2n (43) C3u (45)
A. Elbon C3u C3u (8) C2n (32) C3u (43) C3u (45)
D. Riccardo C3u C3u (8) C2n (27) C3u (43) C3u (45)
S. Perez C3u C3u (8) C2n (28) C3u (43) C3u (45)
L. Norris C3n C3u (8) C2n (29) C3u (43) C3u (45)
D.Kvyat C2n C3n (8) C2u (29) C3u (43) C3u (45)
S. Leclair C3u C3u (8) C1n (21) C2n (37) C3u (45)
K. Raikkonen C2n C2u (1) C2u (8) C1n (27) C3n (42) C3u (44)
S. Vettel C3n C2n (1) C3u (8) C1n (28) C3u (43) C3u (45)
D. Russell C2n C2n (8) C1n (29) C3n (43) C3u (45)
Р.Грожан C2n C3n (8) C1n (28) C3u (42) C3u (44)
L. Stroll C3u C3u (8) C2n (30)
E. Okon C3u
N. Latifi C2n
K.Magnussen C3n
A. Giovinazzi C3n
K. Sines C3u
M. Verstappen C3u
P. Gasley C3n

Abbreviations: C1 – Hard. C2 – Medium. C3 – Soft. n – new. u – rolled. The number of laps completed before the pit stop is indicated in brackets.



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