Many times we have heard about the importance of sport in maintaining a healthy life. But nevertheless, in confinement our mobility was greatly reduced. And until now, because due to the pandemic we continue to spend more time than we would like at home. In any case, during the months that we were forced to be inside our home, the creativity of some people proved to have no limits. With this, the need to exercise and burn calories led many to set up their own gym.

The fear of rolling out of the house, due to those extra kilos that we gained in the confinement, caused a wave of sales on the web of elastic bands, dumbbells, sportswear and even impedance scales. But not only that, the most faithful to cycling and sports outdoor they found a faithful companion who gained great popularity. And we are not referring to an exercise bike like the ones we find in gyms, we are talking about a device capable of turn your street bike into one to use at home.

This is the roller o bike roller, a device that is running out again. And it is that among the rumors of a possible new confinement, it has become one of the most desired objects. One more time in 20decompras We wanted to help you and went in search of the best-selling roller on Amazon. It is from Homcom and has an adjustable five-speed fluid magnetic resistance. It is foldable, easy to assemble and supports a maximum load of 135 kilos. How does it work? The key is in the installation of the rear wheel on the roller bracket, the second step is to fix the position and finally put the tensioner on the handlebar. Among the comments about this product, the quality and price ratio stands out. What are you waiting to have yours? It costs 144.99 euros. Run that they fly!

To get an exercise bike for home, the Homcom cycling roller.

Main characteristics of this cycling roller

  • Professional roller to train with your own bicycle with magnetic resistance.
  • Fits 66cm (26 “) wheels and up to 71cm (38”).
  • Fluid magnetic resistance, with five adjustable speeds and silent bearing.
  • Includes quick and stable closure.
  • It has axle fixation, body steel turbo, controller to adjust the resistance and regulator according to the diameter of the wheel.
  • It supports a maximum load of 135 kilos.

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