Shipowner Stefan Håkansin Patrik-boys had grown up in Turku in football, and did not want to find a suitable club.

– TPS was really arrogant at the time, and ÅIFK didn’t feel like its own, even though we were Swedish-speaking. On the other hand, I visited politics in the Turku Comers, Stefan says.

Stefan decided to start a whole new junior club around Patrik and his friends. The boys were responsible for designing the club symbols.

– A wide variety of names have been circulating since Juventus, but in the end Inter felt the best. It is an international club name, as it came to us last season, for example Alvaro Muniz moved from Inter Madrid. As a color combination, I think blue-black is really great, Håkans thinks.

Three decades in domestic league football have brought the blue-black club a total of ten league or cup medals. However, the most cherished moment for Håkans was the return to the league in the autumn of 1998.

– The fall had been a really bitter piece, but we thought we would get up by throwing it back. However, that didn’t happen, and the series became really tight. We had to win the final round in Kemi, where no one had succeeded yet that season. We did it and the rise after such steps felt better than nothing.

According to Håkans, domestic club football has taken steps in recent years, especially Ari Lahti and Raimo Sarajärven thanks to locomotives such as. He is also pleased with the current state of his own creation.

– Our sports side does a good job and we want to continue to be a high-quality league club based on strong junior work. With our own stadium and the artificial turf field being completed in Kupittaa, we will have the framework in order in the future as well, Håkans trusts.