Turkish Grand Prix: Round Numbers

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What came true at the Grand Prix Emilia-Romagna


70000 kilometers distance from Sebastian Vettel

30000 kilometers distance at Max Verstappen

5000 Lewis Hamilton’s Leading Lap

60 Grand Prix at Pierre Gasly

20 the race in which Lando Norris earned points


200 the race in which the Mercedes drivers earned points

200 очко у Racing Point

20 podium in the season at Mercedes


500 podium at Mercedes engines

What can come true at the Turkish Grand Prix


10000 laps of distance with Daniel Riccardo, if he drives three laps

6000 laps of distance with Max Verstappen if he completes 48 laps

400 a point for Roman Grosjean if he finishes fifth

400 a point for Charles Leclerc if he finishes fourth

300 Daniel Riccardo’s lead lap if he leads eight laps

200 Daniil Kvyat has a point if he finishes eighth

200 a point for Pierre Gasly if he finishes third

200 Esteban Ocon’s point if he wins the race

50 the race in which Daniel Riccardo finished

60 the race in which Roman Grosjean earned points

60 race in which Lance Stroll finished

50 race in which Pierre Gasly finished

30 the track on which Lewis Hamilton won pole

30 finish on the third step of the podium with Valtteri Bottas

25 best lap of Hamilton on different tracks (record)

10 double (win and fastest lap) with Kimi Raikkonen

10 Lewis Hamilton win of the season

10 victory over Max Verstappen

10 Max Verstappen’s best lap

10 victory in Valtteri Bottas


300 Grand Prix at Red Bull Racing

100 AlphaTauri points if riders earn 11 points


200 victory over Mercedes engines

90 hat-trick (pole, best lap and win) for Ferrari engines

90 winning double for Mercedes engines

80 pole at Honda motors

10 triple podium at Ferrari engines


200 start from the first row of the French

100 race led by Australians

80 pole for the French

80 the best circle for the French

80 Grand Prix of the Monegasques

10 Dutch victory

10 the best circle for the Dutch



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