Turkish Grand Prix: Curious statistics

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Several interesting statistical selections following the Turkish Grand Prix …


After winning qualification in Istanbul, Lance Stroll took the first pole of his career – 16th for the riders from Canada. Before him, Gilles Villeneuve had twice won the pole and Jacques Villeneuve had 13 poles. The last time the Canadians won qualification was in 1997, when Jacques Villeneuve took pole in Jerez – in the race that earned him the championship title.

Lance Stroll became the fifth oldest pole winner.

Racer Age Grand Prix
1.S. Vettel 21 years 02 months 11 days Italy’08
2. S. Leclair 21 years 05 months 15 days Bahrain’19
3. F. Alonso 21 years 07 months 23 days Malaysia’03
4.M. Verstappen 21 years 10 months 05 days Hungary’19
5.L. Stroll 22 years 00 months 17 days Turkey’20

For the team from Silverstone, which changed its name from Force India to Racing Point, this is the second pole in history and the first since 2009, when Giancarlo Fisichella won the qualification for Spa.

Pole Lance interrupted the successful streak of the Mercedes works team, which had previously held all the pole positions this season – but continued the successful streak of Mercedes engines.

This is the first pole position for a team other than Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari since 2014, when Felipe Massa took pole with Williams in Austria.

Max Verstappen qualified second – fourth time this season.

Sergio Perez qualified third. In Azerbaijan’16, he achieved more, showing the second time in qualifying, but was fined for replacing the gearbox, and in Turkey he started third – from the best position in his career.

Perez’s third starting position is the best for Mexican riders since 1971, when Pedro Rodriguez started second in the Dutch Grand Prix.

The fourth place of Alex Albon is a repetition of his best result in his career, shown in the Austrian Grand Prix and the Tuscany Grand Prix.

For the fourth time this season, Daniel Riccardo qualified fifth.

Lewis Hamilton’s sixth place in qualifying in Turkey was the worst result since Germany’18, where he was 14th – and that time he won the race.

Kimi Raikkonen’s eighth place is his best result with Alfa Romeo in Brazil ’19. Antonio Giovinazzi also made it to the qualifying final – for the first time since Austria’19, both Alfa Romeo cars were in the top ten. The 500th Grand Prix in the history of Sauber was honored.


After winning the race in Istanbul, Lewis Hamilton took the tenth victory of the season and the 94th in his career. This is Hamilton’s 73rd win in a Mercedes – no one has won more races with the same team.

In Turkey, Lewis Hamilton won the seventh league title, repeating the record of Michael Schumacher. It took him 14 seasons and 264 Grand Prix. Michael won seven titles in 14 seasons and 208 Grand Prix.

For the seventh time in his career, Lewis Hamilton won four races in a row. One more win and he will repeat his most successful streak of five straight wins from Italy’14 to USA’14. The most successful series in history belongs to Sebastian Vettel, who won nine races in a row from Belgium’13 to Brazil’13.

The victory in Turkey was the 200th for Mercedes engines.

Sergio Perez’s second place was a repeat of his best result. The Mexican finished second in Italy and Malaysia in 2012. In Turkey, Sergio climbed to the podium for the 9th time in his career and earned points in the ninth race in a row.

Third place was for Sebastian Vettel the best result of the season. This is the 121st podium in the German’s career.

Vettel’s third place and Charles Leclair’s fourth – this is the most productive Ferrari race of the season, the team earned 27 points and will be able to participate in the fight for third place in the Constructors’ Cup.

Finishing sixth, Max Verstappen did not make it to the podium for the first time this season in those races where he reached the finish line.

His teammate Alex Albon for the first time in his career was in the lead in the race – only 1 lap, and interrupted a series of three unsuccessful races in a row.

For the second time this season, Lando Norris left behind the best lap of the race.



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