I usually use a pair of mid-range headphones with equalizer, 7 + 1 surround and a very high sensitivity to sound. The footsteps are perfectly heard in shooter games with a sound of 30%.

The Trust GXT 444 Wayman Pro gaming headphones are large and solid, with good passive insulation for an immersive gaming experience. They are comfortable when you put them on your head and have the appearance of large “helicopter headphones” with a suitable microphone. The cups are large, comfortable, maybe not the largest in the category, but clearly do not “step” on the ears. And there are no “fireflies” on headphones, nothing lit. Sometimes, after several hours of gaming, at least 3, I felt a slight discomfort in the top of my head, not in my ears.

This is a review of the user experience, and all the technical details can be found on manufacturer’s page.

Probably the biggest advantage of the Trust GXT 444 Wayman Pro is the versatility of the platforms on which they can be used: PC, mobile, consoles. The cable is built in two parts, an extension cord with two jack jacks (audio and voice) for desktop or other systems that have the option, with a length of about 60 cm. The part connected to the headphones with a single jack, which includes both functions, for laptops and mobiles, phones or tablets, length 100 cm. The cable connected to the headphones has a “module” on which there is a volume wheel and a microphone on-off button, to be safe when not in use.

I only used them on PC, desktop / laptop and on mobile phone and tablet. Although they are not specialized for entertainment, I also used them to listen to music, they have a bass that I like. I do a pretty good job at movies, too.

Trust GXT 444 Wayman Pro gaming headphones, good sound and versatility [TECH REVIEW]

The problem with headphones or any sound system is that it takes time to adjust, you can’t give a quick verdict, because your ears are used to other “conditions” and you can draw the wrong conclusion. Not so with the Trust GXT 444 Wayman Pro, which I used for over a month before writing this review.

I used them on the desktop in the games:

– Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Multyplayer

– Metro 2033

– Remnant

– Apex Legends

On the Acer Predator Helios 300 gaming laptop in the same games, except Metro 2033, which I replaced with Asphalt 9.

To hear the steps in Multyplayer the volume must be raised to 70-80%. Sometimes there is a lack of surround option, which indicates more accurately the direction from which the opponent is coming. Especially when you sit still and play from the position of sniper (sniper). So if you play as a “camper”, maybe the Trust GXT 450 is a better solution for you.

Trust GXT 444 Wayman Pro gaming headphones, good sound and versatility [TECH REVIEW]

Trust says the GXT 444 Wayman Pro is suitable for Esports. I don’t know what to say, I’m not a professional player.

At maximum, the volume is strong, but it also depends on the platform, the device to which the headphones are connected. On mobile, for example, you can hear a little louder from the start and in games the sound at 50% is enough.

On my mobile and iPad I played with headphones:

– Call of Duty

– Garena Free Fire

– Asphalt 9

– SimCity

I also watched movies and series on Netflix and HBO GO. At the suggestion of my colleague, Andrei, I saw the documentary Formula 1 – Drive to survive and it’s great to hear the sound of engines with the Trust GXT 444 Wayman Pro. I noticed from the series the soundtrack made by Brian Tyler, which is a gem. As I wrote before, one of my favorite all-time tracks is about Formula 1 racing, Lost but Won of Hans Zimmer, the soundtrack of the film Rush since 2013.

You may say I’m rambling, but what good is having good headphones if you don’t listen to good music or watch a great movie. For gaming, of course, but you can’t do nonstop gaming either. We need variation.

I didn’t say anything about the microphone and I’ll be back. I participated in a few online events on Zoom, I used them in gaming with Dicord and in a meeting with my parents, school just started. The microphone is sensitive enough, it sounds good, you can be heard well if you put the headphones on the desk.

The Trust GXT 444 Wayman Pro gaming headphones are a good option for those interested in a solid headset, with a classic design and high versatility, at a price of about 250 lei.