U.S. President Donald Trump is known around the world for many different things, and now a slightly more surprising achievement can be added to the list: the development of dance choreography, which has grown into a viral phenomenon.

Continuing his campaigning against corona recommendations, Trump has taken the habit of ending his performance by yelling at Village People’s YMCA giant hit, says news agency AP. Iltalehti wrote about one masterpiece already in September.

AP describes 74-year-old Trump’s performances as “father dance,” referring to the rigid nature of dance movements. In his choreography, among other things, Trump pumps his fists into the air like when exercising with a crosstrainer, clapping and jumping from side to side.

No wonder the simple and original dance “The Donald” has become a phenomenon in the popular Tiktok service. Miami Herald magazine says the craze began Julia Keith named. Stickers are now adding “duet videos” to the service, with them dancing “The Donald” next to the president’s video.

While Trump has sought to ban the Chinese app altogether in his country, his close circle does not seem to resent the surprising viral popularity. Ivanka Trump, the daughter of the President’s Adviser, shared the video On Twitter unambiguously accompanied:

– I love this!

Village People Founding Member Victor Willis has instead repeatedly asked Trump to stop using his song at campaign events.

The AP also points out that the distribution of dance videos may have political purposes: someone may want to use them to divert attention from Trump’s COVID-19 disease and raise the spirit of the campaign. For example, a news anchor on a CNN channel Don Lemon has also criticized Trump for celebrating in the midst of a pandemic that killed hundreds of thousands of people.