The family of trumps could be described as contentious. Donaldin brother Fred Trump Junior daughter Mary Trump has sued his uncle Donald and this family. Mary Trump accuses her relatives of fraudulently taking her share of her grandfather Fred Trumpin heritage. Fred Trump died in 1999.

Earlier this summer, Mary Trump’s revelation book was published Too much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World‘s Most Dangerous Man Too much, and never enough: How my family created the most dangerous man in the world).

The president tried until the last to block the publication of the book, without success. The book provides an insider’s glimpse into the family dynamics of the Trumps.

It also talks about financial matters. In the book, Mary Trump also says she was an insider’s source for a New York Times story that exposed Trump’s tax fraud. The New York Times received the Pulizer Award for the story in 2019.

A messy case

Like many of Donald Trump’s financial affairs, his father’s inheritance is very complex. Mary Trump alleges that Uncle Donald has fraudulently prevented him from obtaining his legally due share of his grandfather’s inheritance.

The grandfather had undeniably wanted much of the inheritance to end up with his grandchildren, but there were foundations and intricate patterns that might have faded the grandfather’s will under legal jargon.

– Instead of protecting Mary’s interests, they (Donald’s family) designed a complex pattern that could be used to transfer money into their own pockets. They were able to fraudulently mask the real value of the legacy, say in the challenge, writes, among other things Vice News.

– My father died when I was a teenager. My uncle Donald and Robert as well as my aunt Maryannen was meant to protect me as my trustee. I recently found out that instead of protecting them, they betrayed me, said Mary Trump.