Trump’s niece denounces the president and his family for alleged fraud

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Mary L. Trump, Donald Trump’s niece who recently gained notoriety after publishing a book about her family, has denounced the President of the United States and his brothers, whom accuses of fraud and demands compensation.

“For Donald Trump, his sister Maryanne and his brother Robert (who died in August), fraud was not just a family affair, it was his way of lifeThis is how the complaint filed by Mary L. Trump in the New York Supreme Court begins, in which she requests financial compensation for the damage caused.

According to the complainant, after the death in 1981 of her father Fred Trump, brother of the now president, when she was 16 years old, “Donald, Maryanne and Robert undertook to safeguard their interests as fiduciaries“from the stake he had inherited in the family business.

They lied. Instead of protecting Mary’s interests, they designed and carried out a complex plan to divert funds from her interests (…) and deceive her about the true value of what she had inherited, “the complaint states.

It also maintains that, after the death of his grandfather and creator of the Trump empire in 1999, the three brothers they harassed his niece to put her out of business and threatened to declare her interests bankrupt.

They took advantage of Grandpa Trump

In the 52-page brief, he also accuses the president and his two brothers of having taken advantage of dementia that Grandpa Trumo suffered before dying to take advantage. According to the complainant, their intrigues and the competition that began between them was similar to that of a television series.

“They worked together to consolidate their power and advance their own interests at the expense of each other.”

“Ultimately, the suspects worked together to consolidate their power and enhance their own interests at the expense of anyone else, including Mary, “says the text deposited in court.

Last July, Mary published a book in which she describes the president as an unprincipled narcissist that he has adopted deception as a “way of life” after being traumatized by his father, who prevented him from “developing and experiencing the full spectrum of human emotions.”

The family tried unsuccessfully block publication of his work, which finally saw the light on July 14.



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