Trump’s message to a far-right group: “Be prepared”

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In 2019, when a New York judge jailed two members of the violent far-right group Proud Boys for assaulting anti-fascist protesters, he presented the sentence saying: “I know enough about history to know what happened in Europe in the 1930s when they were allowed political street fights& rdquor ;. Tuesday night, that phantom of civil violence that accompanied the rise of fascism it stirred again in a United States already ravaged by explosive tension and division. But this time he moved from the stage of a presidential debate followed by tens of millions of Americans and by the grace of the country’s president, Donald Trump, the same one that insists on questioning the legitimacy of the democratic process and refuses to guarantee that it will accept the results or a peaceful transition if it loses.

Trump eluded condemn frontally and unequivocally the white supremacism and far-right violence when he was once again given the opportunity to do so. And when after detours and try to attribute to the extreme left the problem of violence that has peppered the mostly peaceful protests against racial injustice and police brutality Trump was forced to send a concrete message, the one he chose sent a chill through the country: “Proud Boys, take a step back and be prepared. & Rdquor ;.

For more than since the president’s campaign and from his White House tried to reinterpret or qualify your words, there’s no way to do it. It was not only Joe Biden who denounced that “he tries to anger everything. He doesn’t want to calm things down & rdquor; and simply put gasoline on the fire& rdquor ;. And the Proud boys themselves, a “Extremist group& rdquor; according to the classification of FBI who was involved in the organization of the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis march in Charlotesville and has been a combustible presence in recent protests such as those in Portland, celebrated the message as a show of support and integrated that “be prepared & rdquor; to their logos or to t-shirts already on sale.

“This is not going to end well”

Trump’s message gains alarming intensity because it did not arrive alone, or in a vacuum. As he has been doing for some time, the president also returned to the debate to undermine confidence in the legitimacy of the elections. Shook accusations without proof of “a fraud as never seen & rdquor; due to the increase in the use of vote by mail. She assured that “it may take us months to know & rdquor; the result and refused to ask his followers for calm while the vote count lasts. Instead, if he urged them to “go to the voting centers and be very vigilant& rdquor; denouncing that the Democrats “they cheat”.

These elections will be the first since 1982 that the observers may be armed. And a phrase that Trump repeated twice sounds to some an omen, and to others or a threat. “This is not going to end well”.



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