Trump’s last cartridges for vendetta

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For many years Donald Trump he dedicated himself to calling the heart press and the tabloids New Yorkers posing as their own publicist. He changed his voice like a ventriloquist, bragged about his latest adventures and spread rumors to Attract attention essential to sell your brand and fuel your insatiable ego. These days he has been in a not very different position. After his electoral defeat against Joe Biden he has stopped controlling the political conversation and monopolizing the headlines of the day to become a supporting character in his own drama. The difference is that it is now owner of the republican streets and he holds in his hands the key so that the United States can have a peaceful and orderly transition in the White House.

“What Donald Trump does in the next seven days will determine both your future and that of the US& rdquor ;, said Republican pollster Frank Lutz. That is still the million dollar question. In his environment the voices grow so that he admits his defeat and does not muddy his legacy, which has put the country in the same league as those banana regimes where the caudillo on duty clings to power alleging fraud fantasies. Advisors like his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, they would have been convinced that the end is inevitable, information that he has tried to deny this Sunday. But other members of the clan, such as his sons, push for him to continue fighting and exhaust even the legal recourse to dispute a result that has lost by more than four million popular votes and an unquestionable disadvantage in the electoral College.

From its environment it is said that keep living in denial. The Saturday of his defeat passed the morning playing golf, a sport to which he has dedicated more than 300 days of his presidency. “I have won this election by a long shot! & Rdquor ;, he said shortly before the media closed the vote in Pennsylvania. And his song has not changed since then. “We believe that these people are thieves. The machines of the big cities are corrupt. These have been some stolen elections& rdquor ;, wrote Sunday on Twitter. His campaign continues to ask for money to finance the legal offensive launched in Georgia, Nevada O Pennsylvania and has appointed David Bossie, a veteran of the guerrilla war in Washington, to lead the strategy.

Without international legitimacy

The big ones western democracies have been quick to congratulate Biden, as well as regimes with more questionable pedigree, since Egypt, a Philippines O Israel, whose prime minister has been quick to jump off the boat despite the priceless favors Trump has done his country. Notable Republicans like the former president George W. Bush they have also enjoyed the moment with relish. “Although we have our political differences, I know that Joe Biden is a good man what has earned the opportunity to lead and unite our country & rdquor ;, said in a statement. Without international legitimacy, Trump only has the silence of Russia, China O Brazil, a reflection of the easements Y bastard alliances of his presidency.

His epilogue still has many chapters left because the New Yorker will remain in the White House until January 20, 2021. And many think that after four years of rumble and authoritarian drift they lack the final fireworks. “If you lose power he will spend his last 90 days destroying the United States like a cruel child with a hammer in a china shop & rdquor ;, intelligence analyst Malcolm Nance has told ‘The Guardian’. Immediately the purge of all high positions by which he feels betrayed. From the doctor Anthony Fauci, to the head of the FBI, Christopher Wray, or the Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper.

Retirement in court

Legislatively, it has no cartridges left, but it maintains its executive powers for the vendetta or to powerfully shield itself from a retirement in court. There are those who fear that I will try remove the US from NATO or tighten the nuts to Europeans with their tariff wars. At the very least he is expected to abuse clemency and pardon, as did other of his predecessors in his last days. In your closest circle there is no lack advisers indicted or under house arrest, a demonstration of the pseudomafios nature of his presidency. Since Paul Manafort, a Steven Bannon O Michael Flynn.

The question is whether Trump will try legally shield yourself and his family, in the face of the possibility that he may be charged for leaving the White House. The Manhattan district attorney is allegedly investigating for bank fraudAlthough if the tycoon knows something is to survive in court. Throughout his life he has dealt with more than 3,500 demands, according to ‘USA Today’, some as defendant, others as plaintiff.



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