Trump’s demands to litigate the results

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“Stop the count! & Rdquor ;, any votes that arrive after election day will not be counted & rdquor ;. Two days after the presidential elections in the United States, so even that their final outcome remains a mystery, Donald Trump has turned to social media again to question the legitimacy of the result. A strategy in parallel to the legal offensive launched by his campaign to stop the counting of the votes, claim greater access to the centers where they are being processed or demand new recount in states it has lost by a few thousand votes. Something that has not done in all those who have won. Neither independent OECD observers nor local authorities have detected significant irregularities.

These maneuvers are added to the most 300 lawsuits filed in court before election day. The vast majority, launched by Republicans to question the vote by mail and the deadlines set so that it can be counted, a strategy that seeks to invalidate as many ballots as possible.

New counts

The Trump campaign has called for new recount in Wisconsin and Michigan, both already awarded to Democrat Joe Biden with 98% of the vote counted. In the first, his victory is around 20,500 votes; in the second, it is close to 150,000. It maintains that “irregularities have been detected in several counties & rdquor ;, among them, the alleged intervention of the workers who count the votes to “correct or add information & rdquor; on some ballots. The president of its electoral commission has described the allegations as an “insult & rdquor; and has said that the process is “open and transparent”.

Everything indicates, however, that the count will take place because the law allows it when the difference in votes is less than 1%, as it happens in this case. Of course, the Trump campaign will have to pay for it, which has launched an “emergency fund & rdquor; to collect donations from his followers. Recounts rarely change the bottom line too much, experts say, but they can potentially end up in the Supreme Court, as happened with Florida in 2000. The court ended up handing over the election to George W. Bush over Al Gore.

Processing centers

The Republican campaign has also filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Michigan to halt the counting of votes until their cadres are allowed “meaningful access & rdquor; to the centers where they are being processed. And he also wants to review all that those votes that have already been counted, apparently in search of technicalities that serve to invalidate some ballots. Both the press and the local authorities stress that there are observers from both parties in these centers.

This same Thursday, the count stopped briefly in Pennsylvania to accommodate a judge’s order, which has allowed observers to scan tables, provided they maintain the six feet (180 cm) distance required by COVID-19. In states like Nevada the republican demands failed. A judge ruled Monday that the Trump campaign was seeking “unlimited access & rdquor; to all areas of the processing centers. I also wanted to install cameras. And he raised rather strange objections: One of his observers testified that, from her position, it did not appear to her that the signature on a ballot matched the one in the records.

Absentee ballot

Trump has said he will go to the Supreme Court if necessary for his allegations of fraud to be heard. The demand that has more options to do soAccording to experts, it is related to voting by mail in Pennsylvania. The Republicans contested the decision of their authorities to allow the ballots that they arrived until three days after the elections, provided that they were sealed before election day. The lawsuit was dismissed by the state courts, but now there is another on the table brought by the Trump campaign. The Supreme Court is studying at this time if he admits it, a probable scenario after several of his conservative magistrates suggested their willingness to accept it.



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