President of the United States Donald Trumpin reported coronary infection could change the fall election a lot.

It is not known at this time how serious the disease is for Trump or how severe it will develop. There is also no information on whether others in the presidential race, such as the opponent, have also been infected Joe Biden. In the first election debate, Trump and Biden met Finnish time on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday.

Professor of North American Studies at the University of Turku Benita Heiskanen says that the reins of the president will be taken by the vice president if the president is unable to perform his duties.

According to Heiskanen, the vice president is also the main candidate in the election if the president is unable to act. The situation is similar for non-seated presidential candidates: if the main candidate elected by the party assembly is unable to perform his or her duties, the vice-presidential candidate will take his place.

Republican Trump’s vice presidential candidate is Mike Pence, Democrat Biden Kamala Harris.

– That is why a young vice presidential candidate was accepted for Biden. Worries that he himself is so old were alleviated, Heiskanen says.

However, according to Heiskanen, there is a rule for exceptional situations: if the main candidate dies, the party assembly can elect a new presidential candidate. However, Democrats and Republicans have different rules for such a situation.

Do you see such an option that the election could be postponed under any circumstances?

– Nothing like that has happened, but now we’re going in completely new waters, I don’t know. Elections have not traditionally been postponed, Heiskanen says.

The vice presidential candidates are scheduled to meet at the debate next week. The second debate of the main candidates is in mid-October. Heiskanen says that he cannot assess how the debates are handled.

– It is difficult to say what the state of health is, whether done live or done remotely. Who knows.

News agency AFP says Trump immediately canceled its campaign event in Florida on Friday. It is to be expected that the President’s illness will have a significant impact on this campaign calendar during the last month of the campaign anyway.