The United States is going for another day as president Donald Trumpin appointed by a judge of the Supreme Court Amy Coney Barrettin hearing in the Senate.

Democrats fear that Barrett, known as a strict Catholic, would condemn women’s rights to abortion and the rights of sexual minorities, for example, if a case involving them ended up in the Supreme Court.

Barrett said at a hearing on Tuesday that his personal and religious views would not influence decisions as a Supreme Court judge. However, he did not disclose how he would be condemned in matters related to abortion, for example.

– I have no agenda, Barrett said.

Democrat senator Dianne Feinstein had asked whether the well-known abortion precedent Roe v. Wade in 1973 had been wrongly decided. The Supreme Court ruled at the time that under the U.S. Constitution, women’s right to abortion should not, in principle, be restricted.

Democrats say Barrett’s earlier writings suggest that he would seek to overthrow the decision at the time.

Barrett did not answer the question directly, but said he would make decisions according to the law.


Democrats have criticized Trump for running the nomination through the presidential election, which is already three weeks away.

Barrett will be appointed last month as a 87-year-old Liberal judge Ruth Bader Ginsburgin in place of. In practice, Democrats have little chance of blocking Barrett’s nomination, as the nomination is voted on by the Senate, where Trump’s Republicans have a majority.

Democrats have said it is irresponsible to hold a hearing during a corona pandemic. Three senators were diagnosed with coronary infection last week. More than 220,000 people have died from the disease in the United States.

If the appointment goes through, six of the Supreme Court judges will be Conservatives, and only three Liberals. The post is valid for the rest of his life, so the mismatch may continue for decades, he says BBC.

Democrats say Trump is in a hurry to get through the appointment so he can get extra support in the Supreme Court if a lawsuit is raised about the integrity of the upcoming presidential election.

Democrats have also accused Republicans of hypocrisy. In 2016, Democratic President Barack Obama wanted to appoint a judge in an election year, but Senate Republicans refused to do so.

The hearing, which began on Monday, will run for a total of four days.