After losing the Pennsylvania trial on Saturday, Trump’s campaign lawyers issued a statement distancing themselves from conservative lawyer and activist Sidney Powell, who made several unfounded allegations about the election process based on conspiracy theories related to electronic voting systems. .

“Sidney Powell practices law on her own. He is not a member of Trump’s legal team. He is also not a personal lawyer for President Trump, “Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, another lawyer and spokesperson for the re-election campaign, said in a joint statement. Elis had named the team Trump’s legal elite.

Trump had announced Powell as part of his team of “wonderful lawyers and representatives” on November 14 on Twitter.

Powell, a former federal prosecutor, last year took over the defense team of former national security adviser Michael Flynn – the latter pleaded guilty to special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s involvement in the previous election.

The lawyer supported a motion by the Justice Department to dismiss Flynn’s indictment still pending before a district judge.

Announcing that Powell has his Twitter account suspended for 12 hours, Flynn wrote that Powell understands Giuliani’s statement and “agrees with him.” He also said that she will persevere in proving electoral fraud.

Donald Trump has reportedly expressed concern that Powell’s claims are far too exaggerated, risking diverting attention from other legal arguments to contest the election, a person familiar with the talks said, according to Reuters.

Fox News moderator Tucker Carlson criticized the lawyer for failing to prove a single changed vote so far, while Iowa Republican Sen. Joni Ernst, who won a new term in the election, described the allegations as “offensive.”

In an interview with Newsmax following Thursday’s press conference, where Giuliani was in the spotlight, Powell appeared to accuse Georgia’s governor and secretary of state, both Republicans, of plotting to assassinate him. when awarding a contract for electronic voting systems – thus harming Trump’s re-election campaign.

“Georgia will probably be the first state I will blow up, and Kemp (Brian Kemp, Georgia’s governor) and the secretary of state will have to agree,” she said. new complaint – which he called “biblical”. It was not clear on Sunday whether he had taken action.

What Powell said at the press conference

“Dominion voting systems, Smartmatic programs, as well as computer programs with computerized voting systems in general, not just Dominion, were created in Venezuela at the behest of Hugo Chavez – who wanted to make sure he never lost. no election after the constitutional referendum did not turn out as it wanted ”.

“One of the characteristic features of these programs is the ability to move votes. It can establish and run an algorithm – which has probably been run all over the country – to take a certain percentage of votes from President Trump and change them in favor of Biden. “

The Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency, a US federal security agency, has denied allegations that votes were changed or deleted in favor of Joe Biden. The director of the agency, Chris Krebs, recently fired, said that, beyond a number of ballots left uncountable due to a human error, the electronic votes in Georgia corresponded to the counting of the physical ones.

The team of lawyers, changed in Pennsylvania

The entire legal team was replaced last week after the lawyers of a major law firm, as well as others, withdrew from the lawsuit filed in the state of Pennsylvania.

Last week, Monday, before a major hearing in a Pennsylvania federal court regarding the correction of ballot errors, two lawyers from the law firm Porter, Wright Morris & Arthur in Ohio withdrew from the case – previously, others three lawyers had resigned – being replaced by Marc A. Scaringi, who had said on his own radio show on November 7 that no bomb evidence could appear to turn Biden’s victory around.

Marc A. Scaringi, 51, ran unsuccessfully for senator in the 2012 primary in the Pennsylvania state legislature. In 2016, he volunteered for the Trump campaign and was a Republican delegate to the 2016 and 2020 Republican National Convention.

He has his own law firm based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, representing NGOs, firms, and business people in management positions.

“Ultimately, litigation will not work. They will not return the results of these elections. “

A spokesman for the campaign said that retired lawyers had given in to the liberal assault and would be replaced by stronger lawyers.

However, less than an hour and a half after the team of lawyers said it was aware of the trial schedule and the new lawyer was ready to plead, Scaringi asked for an adjournment citing insufficient training time.

“Being appointed only today (16 November), the applicants’ new lawyer needs additional time to adequately prepare his case for the oral argument and the presentation of the evidence. Moreover, it is a case of great complexity and importance for the American people. “

District Judge Matthew Brann, appointed to the Obama administration, denied his request. He also refused to change the entire team of lawyers, refusing to immediately withdraw a local Philadelphia lawyer, Linda Kerns, part of the team from the initial filing of the appeal.

Campaign lawyer and spokeswoman Jenna Ellis briefly explained the changes, noting that the Trump campaign with two voters “reached a mutual agreement” that the applicants would be better represented by the new team.

“The president announced on Saturday (November 14th) that he has asked Mayor Rudy Giuliani to take over the leadership of the national defense team with the local lawyer. Our replacement of the local lawyer is consistent with the routine handling of a complex dispute,” said Ellis, who wrote in 2016. on social media that Trump supporters don’t take facts or logic into account because they don’t care about the truth.