Trump’s campaign team: ‘Trump will still win after demonstrating wrongdoing’

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US President Donald Trump’s campaign team does not yet appear to have any plans to give up the fight for the presidency. In a statement the team reports on Friday that the elections are not over yet. There is talk of major abuses in Pennsylvania and a possible recount in Georgia “that will make President Trump still win”.

Claims are not supported by evidence

According to the team, the impression is wrongly given that Joe Biden is winning. “The false prediction that Joe Biden will be the winner is based on results in four states that are still far from final,” said a campaign manager.

According to the team, a recount is expected in Georgia. The campaign leader says he is confident that this will bring “lost ballots” to the table, so that Trump still wins in the state. At the moment, Biden is narrowly leading in Georgia.

In addition, according to them, there were serious abuses in Pennsylvania. For example, election officials are said to have ensured that observers have no or insufficient access to polling stations. The team also expects Trump to win Arizona and that things have gone wrong in Nevada as well.

As in Trump’s speech Thursday to Friday night, evidence to back up the claims is lacking.

Trump continues to insist that the election winnings are being “stolen” from him. During his last speech, he repeated this claim again.

At the moment, Biden is in the lead in all four states. The former vice president has only Pennsylvania (20 electors) enough to get enough electors (270) to win the election.



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