The court was due to hear on Tuesday the Trump campaign’s appeal that 682,479 early or mailed ballots in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh were processed in the absence of Republican observers, the Associated Press reported. On Sunday, campaign attorneys dropped this appeal to a federal court, maintaining only the complaint of favoring Democratic voters whose voters were notified of technical errors in their ballots that would otherwise have been invalidated, or this permission violates state legislation.

The complaint alleges that “highly democratic counties” violated the law by identifying postal votes with errors – such as the lack of an inner envelope or a signature on the outer envelope – so that voters can correct it and the votes are taken into account. called “remediation”.

On the other hand, the strongly Republican counties “took into account the law and did not provide information and a remedial process, depriving many of the ability to vote,” the complaint reads.

Cliff Levine, a lawyer representing the Democratic National Committee, says it’s unclear how many voters have done so, but that in any case there can be no more than the difference in votes that separates the candidates. He explained that the law does not prohibit counties from helping their voters correct mistakes and that the process is not based on allegations of illegal voting.

Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar, a Democrat, testified at the trial and asked judges to dismiss the case because state-level courts are the appropriate jurisdictions and the process is not legally supported.

More than 2.6 million ballots have arrived in Pennsylvania and there have been no reports of fraud by local or state officials.

Republican attorneys admitted in a separate hearing in federal court that they certified observers when processing ballots by mail in Philadelphia. The Democratic governor of the state said both parties had observers throughout the vote count.

The law firm hired by Trump’s campaign dropped the case

The Porter Wright Morris & Arthur law firm in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which was leading the Trump campaign, dropped the case. The company’s two lawyers announced the judge on November 12.

Philadelphia lawyer Linda Ann Kerns, known for her media appearances as a doctoral student in public administration, has been the only one to plead the cause of Trump’s campaign in the Pennsylvania federal court, CNN reports.

Pennsylvania officials said at hearings that all counties were allowed to inform residents of non-compliant ballots, even if they were not required to do so. However, this is a small number of ballots, given that Joe Biden has 60,000 votes ahead in the state of Pennsylvania. For example, in the densely populated county of Montgomery, less than 100 voters were able to redo their ballots, an official said at the trial, VOA reports.

Biden was announced the winner by American television after securing his votes in this state returned by Trump in 2016.

On Sunday, Trump announced on Twitter that many of the complaints filed in key states did not come from his campaign team. Pennsylvania is set to certify the November 23 election result.

After admitting for the first time that Joe Biden won the November 3 election – without naming him and mentioning that only through fraud – Donald Trump reacted to press reports emphasizing that he will not give up anything and that he did not admit any defeat, implying that he will continue to fight in court to stop certifying the election results.

On Friday, the incumbent president had several appeals rejected or closed, announcing that he will complete his team of lawyers with Rudy Giuliani, his personal lawyer and others.