“Despite ridiculous opinion polls used as a vote-suppression tactic, Wisconsin was a frontier race as we always knew it would be. There have been reports of irregularities in several Wisconsin counties that raise serious doubts about the validity of the results. The president is on the verge of requesting a recount of votes, and we will do so immediately, “said campaign manager Bill Stepien.

Candidates may request a recount of votes in Wisconsin if the difference is less than one percent.

The votes in Wisconsin are counted almost entirely, and the remaining ones can no longer make a difference, so Biden wins here by 0.6%, or about 21,000 votes.
At the same time, Bill Stepien said he had already filed a lawsuit to stop counting votes in Michigan, as the campaign team was unable to gain access to many polling stations in the state to observe the integrity of ballot processing.
Joe Biden leads in Michigan with 49.5%, with an additional 40,000 votes after counting 94% of the ballots. There are still 335,000 votes in this state. He is also in the lead in Nevada, where the results will be known later, the count being postponed to Thursday morning.
If he wins Wisconsin, Michigan and Nevada, Joe Biden gets 270 votes. For now, Trump has a chance in Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina.
Joe Biden also leads in Arizona with 51%, where there are still 600,000 votes to be counted.