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A week has passed since Donald Trump’s defeat against Joe Biden in the United States presidential election was confirmed, but a substantial part of the country continues to refuse to accept the final verdict from the polls. Thousands of followers of the still president took to the streets of downtown Washington on Saturday to protest against this “electoral fraud & rdquor; categorically denied by independent bodies, security agencies and courts where the result has been challenged. The march served to verify that Trump has not lost the devotion of his electorate, but he was far from being the kind of show of force That could prolong the suspense. The twilight of his presidency is written. It only remains to know if he will leave the White House in good time or in handcuffs.

The expectations of Trumpism they were big, after their protests had so far been limited to small rallies in front of some state parliaments. On Saturday there were many more, one crowd of several thousand people who marched from the vicinity of the White House to the Supreme court, where Republicans wait for the final result of the elections to be settled. An increasingly evanescent hope. But their numbers paled in the face of the claims reflected in the name of the demonstration: “The march of the million MAGA & rdquor; (Make America Great Again & rdquor ;. Even Trump didn’t seem overly impressed. Hours after the staging began, he hadn’t given a single tweet.

Bodyguard of Western Civilization

What the president, who still does not admit defeat, did do was walk briefly among the attendees without leaving his limousine, shortly before leaving Washington to spend the day playing golf at his club in Virginia. “It will take weeks or months, but we will continue defending our president& rdquor ;, said from a small stage the parish priest who blessed the masses with a high-voltage political sermon. “Lord, help us expose the fraud. The forces of darkness have descended on us & rdquor ;, he added after describing Trump as the “Bodyguards of Western Civilization & rdquor;.

The screams of “paren el robo”, “Four more years & rdquor; or “Fox News apesta” resounded on Pennsylvania Avenue. Ruppert Murdoch’s network friend has been in Trump’s crosshairs since he was one of the first outlets to give Biden victory in Arizona. Since then, Susan Nicholson He has stopped watching Fox and following his accounts on social networks. “It is absolutely irresponsible what they did. I’m sad because we would have won these elections if it weren’t for corruption & rdquor ;, he says behind a mask that reads “God, Guns, and Trump.” “The fault of what is happening in this country is the Clinton Foundation, who took God out of the schools and led to the emergence of radical groups such as Antifa O Black Lives Matter& rdquor ;. Very near him, a banner read: “Fake News, Fake Virus, and Fake Vote.”

Conspiracy theories

All kinds of theories about the supposed electoral blow were heard among the audience, without anyone being very clear about what it would have consisted of, beyond the known unfounded accusations, like the one that says that the Republican auditors attend the count. “The same corrupt lodge that rules the world He has stolen these elections & rdquor; said Amy Lehman, owner of a small cleaning company, who drove 10 hours from Ohio to participate in the march. And who is part of it? Well, you know, the Rothschild, the satanic angels, the Black potato…”

Lehman has not given up hope that the outcome will turn upside down in court. “We have something that the left does not have, we have God on our side and every day he performs miracles & rdquor ;. The alternative to Trump is “the end of our Republic & rdquor; because “communism will take over if Biden becomes president.” “With what it has done in Ukraine and China, Biden would have to be in jail& rdquor ;, he said, repeating one of the president’s war cries. For Isabel and John, both New Yorkers and in their fifties, the alleged plot would have come from the Democratic governors, “Who put in place a plan to create fear regarding the Covid-19 with the aim of causing a political turnaround in the country & rdquor ;.

Both belong to the anti-vaccine movement and point to Bill Gates as the source of all evil. “Gates wants to vaccinate the entire world population so that we get sick and then create a planetary government& rdquor ;, they said, alluding to one of the recurring conspiracies among anti-vaccines. They both further believe that Biden is a paid agent for China, an idea spread by the far-right conspiracy web Infowars.

As much as Trump’s fate may seem cast, the president has managed to blow up the credibility of American democracy. A 70% of Republican voters said this week in a poll that the elections “They have not been clean or fair & rdquor;. That will be the great legacy of the New Yorker and his party, which has not had the guts to condemn his behavior.

What does not mean that they are staying alone. The chief of staff The Army said the day before that the job of the military consists of “defending the Constitution & rdquor; Y “Not a dictator & rdquor;. They may not have to because Trump’s covert coup to change the electoral result does not seem to be working.



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