Trump will lose presidential election says Rupert Murdoch

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The founder of the News Corp media empire, Rupert Murdoch, patron of conservative politicians and causes, believes that the American president, Donald Trump, will lose the election by a wide margin to Democrat Joe Biden, according to sources consulted by the Daily Beast.

Murdoch, 89, thinks that Trump’s tenure during the COVID-19 pandemic it will end up costing him the Presidency in the November 3 elections.

Influential man

The fact that the CEO of News Corp considers that Trump is not going to repeat his mandate, may put the universe of media controlled by the Australian tycoon, such as Fox News o The Wall Street Journal, in a more equidistant place in front of the Republican.

According to sources, relationship between Murdoch and Trump It has become more distant and the two have not spoken for weeks, in part due to Trump’s criticism of Fox News, despite the fact that the president regularly uses some of his programs to launch slogans and criticisms.

You argue with Trump

Trump has been particularly dissatisfied with the electoral polls network, which put the president at a disadvantage in key states, and with host Chris Wallace, who moderated the first presidential debate last month.

Despite the fact that Murdoch has never been a great friend of Trump – who according to libro ‘Fire and Fury’ called “fucking idiot” after a call – Australian-controlled media, especially Fox News, were key in the victory of the Republican candidate in 2016.



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