U.S. president receives positive coronavirus test result on Friday Donald Trump will be transferred to a military hospital, according to Reuters.

According to government officials, Trump will be transferred to Walter Reed Medical Center as a precautionary measure. According to sources, the president may spend several days in the hospital.

The hospital promises Trump special facilities for work, including residential and office space.

According to sources, Trump is not seriously ill, but due to age and other risk factors, he decided with his advisors that the hospital was the best option. This was also recommended by doctors so that the president could receive immediate treatment if needed.

Friday’s reports show the president is exhausted but in good shape. He has been treated with a drug mixture containing antibodies. Trump has a mild fever, and has suffered from a mild cough and headache, as has his wife Melania Trump.

The White House was published by the presidential doctor Sean Conleyn a statement outlining how the president will be treated. In addition to the “antibody cocktail,” Trump has taken zinc, vitamin D, famotidine, melatonin, and aspirin.

The Regenor antibody cocktail used by Trump is a treatment that is currently being tested in clinical trials, but which, despite promising test results, has not yet received any official approval, according to the news agency AFP.