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The president of the United States, Donald Trump, he warned at a rally in central Florida of the risk it poses to the country’s oil industry if his opponent in the presidential election, Democrat Joe Biden, reaches the White House.

In a campaign rally at The Villages, Trump recalled that during the second and final election debate, held last night in Nashville, Tennessee, Biden was inclined to shut down the oil industry facing a transition to renewable energy, although later the former vice president clarified that perhaps he would cut federal subsidies.

“It may be one of the biggest mistakes made in the history of the presidential debates“, said the president at The Villages Polo Club, before an audience made up mostly of retired people, where many did not wear masks or maintain social distancing.

Criticize Biden

In what is his first campaign act after the debate between the two candidates, the president criticized the performance of the Democrat in the face to face on issues such as fossil fuels, illegal immigration and the coronavirus, on which he regretted that Joe Biden said that a “dark winter” was coming and wanted to sow fear.

“If you want jobs and secure borders, vote for Abrahahm Lincoln’s party,” the Republican Party, Trump said in The Villages, a community of about 100,000 people, mostly retired and what the Republican called “young people at heart.”

He reiterated the accusation that Biden put his son Hunter in a Ukrainian gas company, calling him a “liar” and “corrupt politic”, after broadcasting a video at the rally in which Biden defends himself before Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders on issues such as Medicaid subsidized insurance.

An American Cuba

He promised that under his mandate “no one will touch Medicare“and assured that in his first term he has reduced the premium coverage of this insurance by 34%.

He returned to claims that the Democrat is going to quadruple taxes and the dangers that the USA become “a Cuba or a Venezuela” if Biden arrives at the White House, along with his running mate Kamala Harris, issues that Biden’s campaign office has rejected.

“We will not have a socialist president“Nor” a socialist first vice president, “she said, to the applause of her supporters, many wearing T-shirts with the campaign slogan” Make America Great Again. “

After promising that next year will be “best financial year of our history “, the president predicted that the results after November 3 will show” a great red wave “, alluding to the characteristic color of the Republican Party.

Importance of Florida

Trump has celebrated in this community, located north of Orlando and in the momentous I-4 corridor of Florida, the first of his two campaign events scheduled for today, to be followed by another rally tonight in the city of Pensacola, in the northwest of the state and, like The Villages, a major Republican stronghold.

Like his rival, Democrat Joe Biden, the Republican aspires to win in Florida, than with the 29 votes in the Electoral College is crucial in his aspirations to continue another four years in the White House, which he arrived in 2016 largely after winning in this state, albeit with a narrow margin.

With eleven days to go presidential electionss, in Florida as of this Friday, some 4.7 million people have already voted, either by mail or through early voting. The figure constitutes almost a third of the registered voters who can exercise their right in these elections.

Trump’s vote

They will be joined this Saturday by the president himself, who after the Pensacola rally plans to spend the weekend at his winter residence and social club, Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach County, where he is also registered and intends to go to a voting center tomorrow to leave his card.

According to the average prepared by the RealClearPolitcs site, in Florida the Democrat leads Trump by 1.5 percentage points in the voting intention polls, while at the national level that margin widens in favor of Biden to 7.9 points. After Florida, Trump will continue his campaign next week in North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin.



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