Trump VS Biden: who won the presidential debate in America

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The democrat took advantage because he survived the president’s attacks unscathed.

Was a chaotic presidential debate, full of insults and cheap blows, as perhaps never seen in American politics and a sign of the climate that is lived today in this country, divided and exasperated, with a president who breaks all the schemes. In this context of chicanas and taunts that seemed more like high school and very alien to the inauguration of a leader of the first world power, Donald Trump failed to get a win about Joe Biden.

That is why, in the middle of the mud, the one who took advantage in the first debate for the November 3 elections was the democrat because he survived unscathed by the president who desperately needed to rebound in the polls.

Biden is ahead 6.1% nationally and 3.5% in key states, according to an average from RealClearPolitics. It’s not all said of course, because Trump has shown that he can surprise on unexpected grounds. But seems difficult May this debate help you get back on track.

The President’s Strategy to Regain Ground immediately undressed: do not debate the topics chosen by the moderator but to try to corner his rival, interrupt him, drive him crazy to destabilize him and make mistakes. He got to exasperate him: “Can you shut up, man? Biden snapped when he was interrupted for the umpteenth time.

The president also did not respect the rules of the moderator Chris Wallace, who tried several times to calm him in vain.

In the previous hours, Trump had said that his rival needed to get high to improve his performance in debates and suggested that he had mental problems. There was also talk that there were hidden teleprompters and headsets so that he could receive outside help.

That strategy was risky because it was to be expected then that Trump would have to wipe out such a weak rival. But none of that happened: Biden not only endured, he struck back. Clown, liar, unintelligent, racist, the worst president in history, were some of the accusations that were launched before a shocked audience.

Shortly after the debate, Michael Genovese, president of the Global Policy Institute at Loyola Marymount University, told Clarín: “Who won? Neither. Who lost? The American people.

Donald Trump it was rude and permanently interrupted Biden. The president humiliated himself and looked like a spoiled, anxious four-year-old.

Biden missed several opportunities to truly confront Trump, and did not give many blows, did not reach. Biden’s best moments were when he talked about racism. Trump did not have strong moments, he focused on throwing insults and he had very little presidential moments ”.

Debates don’t usually change opinions. Those who love Trump will continue to support him, and Biden’s supporters will follow suit. But there is 3% of undecided, according to the latest polls, who look closely at these face to face.

They are generally moderate independents, who voted for the mogul in 2016 because they wanted fresh air in the White House, but are now hesitating.

Trump is no longer new air, he is an old and controversial acquaintance. Does that bellicose style still seduce you, interrupting your rival even when he is remembering his dead son? Do you agree that the president of the United States refuses to condemn white supremacism? You want someone who is reluctant to say that they will acknowledge the outcome of the election? Sounds difficult.

But perhaps the biggest loser in this debate was the United States, Genovese notes. “Are these the best candidates we have to offer as a country? You have to think that one of these men will become president. Both of them they were wrongBut I think it was Trump who sank the most and embarrassed the entire debate. It would not be surprising that the rest of the debates will be canceled. This wasn’t America’s best moment at all. Very sad”.

Comfortable in the polls, the Democrat only had to survive in the debates. The first one has passed, always important. He resisted, barely able to sketch his ideas, and searched between the attacks to look at the camera and speak directly to the voters. It was enough for him to come out unscathed in this chaotic and full of cheap debate. As one Fox commentator put it: Trump interrupted Biden so much that did not let him be wrong.



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