U.S. President Donald Trump has voted in advance today in his home state of Florida in West Palm Beach.

The White House said as early as Thursday that Trump plans to vote in advance in the presidential election in his home state.

At the polling station The Palm Beach Post According to the magazine, Trump said he voted for himself.

– I voted for a guy named Trump, the president said.

Trump, who previously lived in New York, moved to Florida’s home state last year.

If the tweet is not visible, you can view it from here.

Trump has stressed in the past that he will not vote in the mail. He has repeatedly questioned the reliability of postal voting during his election campaign.

By Saturday, as many as 53.5 million Americans have voted in advance. According to AFP, the current pace of voting could raise the country’s turnout to the highest in a century.

The actual election day for the U.S. presidential election is November 3, 2020.