The American president declared on Friday, in the first televised interview from the positive test of COVID-19, that he no longer takes any drugs and that he does not have information about the results of his test, and he will probably be tested on Saturday.

“I am just fine. I feel very strong, “Trump said, when asked why he would complain at this time during the live medical examination. The US president has stated that he is no longer taking dexamethosone – a steroid used to treat patients who need oxygen or mechanical ventilation and who may have side effects.

“I tolerated him very well. I don’t take it anymore. I took it in the short term, “Trump said.

“Now I don’t take anything, I haven’t taken any medication since 8 hours ago, and that honestly makes me feel good, because I don’t like taking medication.”

Asked about the results of the COVID-19 test, which he announced he was doing on Friday, he said: “I was retested. I haven’t found out the numbers yet or anything yet. I know I’m either at the bottom of the scale or virus-free. ” Trump said that the next test will probably be the next day (Saturday).

The doctor also wanted to know if his lungs were affected by the disease.

“They examined my lungs, they did tests. They have incredible equipment at Walter Reed. In fact, they told me: no, you can drop your jacket, and I said, I’ll take it off anyway, if you want. At first they saw that they were a little inflamed, but then the tests showed that they were fine and they were getting better every day “.

As for the strongest symptoms he has experienced, Trump has admitted that he “did not feel very strong.”

“I did not have much energy. I no longer felt like a US president should feel, “said Trump, who stressed:” I had no breathing problems – a symptom that many people seem to have. I didn’t have anything like that. “

He talked about the antibody cocktail from Regeneron, an experimental drug for COVID-19, which was given to him after the positive test.

“I took a certain drug that had miraculous effects for me – and I don’t think it was just in my mind. I felt really good. You have a sore throat, but I felt really great after I took it. It’s an infusion, not an injection. I would like to give it to everyone. We will distribute it to everyone for free, “he said.

Donald Trump will hold his first public event at the White House on Saturday after a positive test at COVID-19 last week, he told anonymous senior official for AFP. Donald Trump will speak from the White House balcony to abide by the rules of physical distance.