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The president of the United States, Donald Trump, He claimed to have paid millions of dollars to the Treasury and that he is hardly in debt, without offering evidence, in response to the revelations of The New York Times newspaper, which published on Sunday that he has barely paid taxes in recent years and that he faces debts of value hundreds of millions.

To defend himself against this information, Trump wrote a thread of messages on Twitter on Monday in which lashed out at the press.

“The Fake MediaLike the 2016 Election time, they are trotting out my Taxes and all sorts of nonsense with information obtained illegally and with only bad intentions. I paid many millions of dollars in taxes but was entitled, like everyone else, to depreciation and tax credits, “he stressed.

Confused speech

“Besides,” he added, “if you look at the extraordinary assets of my property, which the Fake News has not done, I am extremely at an advantage, I have very little debt compared to the asset value. Much of that information is registered, but I have said for a long time that I may publish the Financial Statements of the time when I announced that I was running for the Presidency, showing all the assets and debts. “

“These are very AWESOME excerpts, and they also show that I am the only known PRESIDENT who gave up the $ 400,000 plus per year Presidential Salary! “, he settled.

Journalistic revelations

The New York Times He has had access to the president’s tax returns for more than two decades, including his first two years in the White House.

According to the newspaper, the president paid $ 750 for federal income tax in 2016, the year he won the election, and the same amount during his first twelve months in the White House. In ten of the fifteen years prior to his ascension to power, he did not have to pay income tax, according to the newspaper, because he alleged that he faced losses greater than income.

Likewise, The New York Times points out that a battle hangs over him dating back a decade with the Tax Collection Service (IRS, in English), the US Treasury, on the legitimacy of a tax refund of $ 72.9 million that he demanded and finally received, after declaring significant losses.

Currently, the IRS is holding an audit open, which if resolved against Trump could cost him $ 100 million.

Trump’s debts

Likewise, the newspaper affirms that the president faces debts worth $ 421 million, whose payments he will have to assume in the next four years and that put him at risk of insolvency if he is reelected for a second term in the November elections.

In that regard, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, considered this Monday that the revelations pose a “national security problem” for the US.

“This president seems to have a debt of more than 400 million dollars. To whom? To different countries? What is the leverage (of the debt) that he has? For me, this is a national security issue“Pelosi wondered in an interview with the NBC television network.

In that sense, the leader of the progressive majority in the Lower House indicated that this circumstance raises doubts as to whether there are foreign people or nations that may have “influence “on the ruler.

“We take the oath to protect and defend (the country). This president is the commander-in-chief (of the Armed Forces). He has a credit exposure for several hundred million dollars Who? The public has the right to know, “Pelosi said.

They target Putin

The Democratic leader specifically referred to the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and cited policies and statements made from the White House that, in his opinion, have been favorable to Russia in recent years.

“The question is what does Putin have on the president from the political, personal, financial point of view …, in such a way that the president tries to undermine our commitment to NATO, gives in to Russia and Syria, tries to blame Ukraine for interfering in our elections when he knows well the consensus between the intelligence community that is Russia, “reflected Pelosi.

“The list goes on and on,” he added, “the annexation of Crimea; and the rest to which the president turns his back. Therefore, he says that he likes Putin and that Putin likes him. Well, What is the link? We’ll see”.

Fair tax payments?

For its part, the campaign of the Democratic candidate for the presidential elections, Joe Biden, published in the last hours an announcement on Twitter showing the contrast between the taxes paid by the president and those paid by the workers.

“The teachers paid $ 7,239. Firefighters paid $ 5,283. The nurses paid $ 10,216. Donald Trump paid $ 750, “the former vice president’s campaign remarked. Trump’s tax returns have been the subject of dispute in court for some time.

Last July, the country’s Supreme Court ordered the president to hand over his tax return to a New York prosecutor investigating him, but determined that the House of Representatives, controlled by the Democratic opposition, could not yet access those documents.

The court rulings in the cases of New York and the Lower House, they were a tie for Trump, who has resisted making his tax returns public, something that all his predecessors have done throughout history.



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