Trump tries to exploit his contagion politically

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Near 210,000 people have lost their lives in United States by covid-19. Almost seven and a half million have been infected, including the president, Donald Trump, the first lady, advisers, senators and White House staff. The president, however, has returned to minimize gravity and seriousness of the pandemic. “Do not be afraid of covid. Don’t let it rule your lives& rdquor ;, has written on Twitter in a triumphant message announcing that this Monday intends to leave Walter Reed military hospital in which he was admitted on Friday and where he has received treatment.

Trump has hung up his controversial tweet shortly before his doctor and the team that is treating him appeared before the press, with care that has included a Regeneron’s antiviral cocktail, five-day treatment with Remdesivir Y dexamethasone, a steroid that among its side effects may have that of euphoria. You have assured that you are “Really good & rdquor ;,” better than 20 years ago & rdquor;. You have marked 6.30 pm as your time to leave the hospital. And he has boasted that, under his Administration, “great medicines and knowledge have been developed”.

Electoral exploitation

The announcement gives a shake, yet another, to the political earthquake that began when in the early hours of Thursday to Friday it was announced that the president had tested positive. And although they remain multiple questions about health status of the president, the last 48 hours have shown the attempt of Trump and his campaign to electorally exploit contagion.

It had already been demonstrated on Sunday afternoon, when, as he had done on Saturday, he posted a video with an energetic message on Twitter and, in a decision that has been widely questioned by medical experts and even by members of the Secret Service charged with protecting him, Trump gave himself a ride in the armored presidential car to greet the followers who had gathered at the gates of the Walter Reed medical center where he has been admitted since Friday.

This Monday, since before seven in the morning, has intensely reactivated your activity on Twitter with more than two dozen messages, including 15 posted in 25 minutes in its classic capital letters, calling to vote after mentioning the bags, the army, the space force, religious freedom or the second amendment, among other topics.

Trump was eager to leave the military medical center And according to CNN sources this Monday he has been saying in calls to relatives: “I need to get out of here & rdquor ;. And behind his movements and his anxiety is his determination to show the country and the world that he is functional but also, according to sources from ‘The New York Times’, his feeling of “boredom& rdquor; and of “being caught”.

Hooked on media coverage, he’s been especially bothered by speculation on his state of health (to which the propaganda messages of his medical team and the lack of credibility of the information coming out of the White House have contributed). Also, for the speculations about a potential transfer of powers in case it were necessary to Vice President Mike Pence, who has taken the central role in the in-person acts in the campaign and that a day after the vice-presidential debate on Wednesday with Kamala Harrris in Utah will host a rally in Arizona.

The direct message that Trump sends about his contagion was summarized in the tweet on Monday and the one in his video on Sunday, in which he assured that “it has been a very interesting trip& rdquor; and explained that he has “learned a lot from covid & rdquor ;, the disease about which, as president, he has been receiving information since January. “This is the real school, not reading books & rdquor ;, it said. “I know what it is. I get it. And it’s something very interesting and I’ll let you know about it & rdquor ;.

Also your Bell he has made it clear that he is moving with the idea of ​​electorally exploiting, under an inexplicable positive perspective, the fact that the president has been infected. “He has experience as a commander in chief, as a businessman and now fighting coronavirus as an individual, Joe Biden doesn’t have those first-hand experiences& rdquor ;, Erin Perrinne, spokeswoman for the Republican campaign, said on FoxNews on Monday.

The contagions continue

It cannot be ruled out that the bold approach of Trump and the president of some political revenue and it has already found an echo in its most faithful bases but it is also being widely disputed, even from inside the west wing, where The drip of positives for Covid-19 continues that show the consequences of the contempt that until now the president and his closest advisers have had for health guidelines to contain the virus.

This Monday the contagion from press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, who was not quarantined after learning that he had been exposed to an infected person (Hope Hicks) and both on Friday and Sunday he removed his mask to address journalists. It has also been reported the contact of two other officials from the communication team of the White House and two domestic employees. And to the list of infected who were in the act on the 26th day of the presentation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett as a nominee for the Supreme Court, a 3rd Republican Senator and this Monday a reverend.

There are growing unrest among West Wing workers due to the lack of unitary protocols (the use of masks is not yet mandatory) and information. And the discomfort has risen to indignation among some Secret Service agents, especially after Trump’s car ride around Walter Reed, even though one spokesperson assured that “adequate precautions were taken to protect the president and all those who support him.” “He does not even pretend that he cares & rdquor ;, one of the agents in ‘The Washington Post’ reported, protected by anonymity. “It should never have happened & rdquor ;, another told CNN. “The frustration with how we are treated when it comes to decisions about this disease comes from before. We are not disposable”.



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