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US President Donald Trump does not seem ready to give in. He argues that the Republicans will start a “major lawsuit” next week, which should ultimately – through the Supreme Court – bring him the election win. Experts don’t give him much of a chance.

Basis for ‘large process’ not yet known

Trump’s resolve conjures up the specter of the 2000 election, when after weeks of chaos the Supreme Court intervened and declared George W. Bush the winner, to the detriment of his Democratic rival Al Gore.

However, the 2020 ballot box does not resemble that illustrious predecessor, say both progressive and conservative experts. Biden’s margin of victory is so wide that it is not threatened by recounts in key swing states.

The current legal battle is mainly focused on the swing state of Pennsylvania, which helped Biden over the edge on Saturday. There, Republicans attempted to bring a case before the nationwide chief justices twice before November 3, to challenge a state Supreme Court ruling. That had decided, under the Pennsylvania constitution, that the deadline for receiving postal votes could be postponed by three days. The notes had to be postmarked before election day (or an illegible stamp).

The National Supreme Court first reached a stalemate of 4-4, and later decided that the case could be reviewed after the election. As a precaution, the Pennsylvania authorities ordered that the votes in question be set aside.

The Trump campaign is still trying to get the Supreme Court to consider the issue, but it wouldn’t make much difference. Experts say the solitary voices are nowhere near numerous enough to catch up with Trump’s backlog of Biden.

It is not yet known what exactly will be the nature of the “grand trial” promised by Trump on Saturday night. The president and his fiercest defenders still claim that the polls involved widespread fraud. There is no evidence for this, although Trump says he has it in abundance. If the Republicans want the judiciary to reverse Biden’s victory, they will have to be presented anyway.

Trump’s anonymous advisers told various US media outlets on Saturday that they are unaware of the existence of evidence of large-scale fraud. The Federal Election Commission (FEC) announced on Saturday that the elections went virtually smoothly.

The irregularities already raised in court by Republicans concern mostly minor issues, such as the distance their observers could stand from the counters.



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