After being called to the White House, Republican leaders of the Michigan legislature, a state intended to be returned by Trump’s lawyers, said there would be a normal certification process in which the winner will be the candidate with the most votes.

“The entire election in all the undecided states should be overturned, and the state legislatures should ensure that voters are selected in favor of Trump,” Sidney Powell, one of Trump’s lawyers, told Fox Business Network on Thursday.

Donald Trump invited Michigan Congress leaders Mike Shirkey (Senate) and Lee Chatfield (House of Representatives), both Republicans, to the White House on Friday.

In a joint statement after the meeting in the Oval Office, they said that federal funding to combat the COVID-19 pandemic had been discussed and that they were confident in the review process led by members of the state legislature.

“We have not received any information that would change the outcome of the election in Michigan, and as leaders of the legislature we will abide by the law and the normal process of Michigan voters, as I have always said during this election. The certification of the process should be a deliberate one and not one conditioned by threats and intimidation ”.

Speaking at a news conference on Friday about his initiative to lower the prices of drugs for which Americans pay more than other countries, Trump reiterated that he is the winner of the election.

“The big pharmaceutical companies invested millions of dollars in negative advertising against me during the campaign – which, by the way, I won. But we’ll find out. It is almost 74 million votes. We had the big pharmaceutical companies against us. We had the tech giants against us. “

At the national level, according to projections, Biden obtained by almost 6 million votes more than Trump, a difference of 3.8%.
Donald Trump has resumed allegations against companies involved in the development of COVID-19 vaccines that they made the results of clinical trials public only after the election, intentionally postponing them.

“So they waited and waited and decided to make them public a few days after the election. And that probably had an impact. Or, who knows, maybe he wouldn’t have. Even so, Democrats have reportedly found ballots somewhere. “These corrupt games will not discourage us from doing what is right for Americans,” Trump said.
Joe Biden’s advance in Michigan, where there was a recent attempt to block election certification in a county, is 154,000 votes.

Georgia, a Republican stronghold, said Friday it had certified the results of the vote after an audit in which manual recount of ballots revealed discrepancies due to human error, so the gap between candidates narrowed in favor of Trump to about 12,600, insufficient for to change the results.

“As secretary of state, I think the numbers are correct. The figures reflect the verdict of the people, not a decision of the secretary of state’s office, the courts or one of the campaign teams, “said Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp said he formalized certification of the results according to the law, “which paves the way for Trump’s campaign to look for other legal options in another count if I choose to.” He said there were still some human errors in the initial count.

Donald Trump had written on Twitter that Georgian officials did not allow “us to look at signatures that would have exposed thousands of illegal ballots” and otherwise would have given him and his party “a great victory.”

In the first public comment after the election, Donald Trump seemed to acknowledge the possibility of not staying at the White House when he noted that pharmaceutical companies opposed his administration’s reforms to lower drug prices for Americans: “I hope they keep them.” , writes Reuters.