Trump takes up the attacks on Biden in Florida as “socialist” and accuses him of wanting to “give everything to Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua”

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The president of the United States returns to the campaign with a massive rally in Florida after suffering from coronavirus

Donald Trump has returned to the campaign rallies this Monday in Florida, after 11 days practically isolated after testing positive for covid-19. The president of the United States has resumed his travels around the country with a first stop at the Sanford airport where a crowd – the majority without masks and without respecting social distance – received him with applause since the presidential plane landed on the runway. “It’s great to be back,” Trump said on stage. “We are going to distribute what they gave me to all the hospitals,” he added about the experimental treatment he received to recover, while those attending the event cheered him on.

Just an hour before the rally, the president’s doctor, Sean Conley, announced that Trump had tested negative “on consecutive days” and confirmed that the president was no longer contagious. Even so, Trump did not shake hands during the meeting with his followers and limited himself to greeting them from a distance from a platform that prevented him from approaching them. “I got over it, now they say I’m immune. I feel so powerful, ”he said. The US president has defended his management of the coronavirus pandemic, which in the country has already reached 7.8 million cases and 214,000 deaths from the disease, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

For Trump’s return to public events, the State of Florida has been chosen, one of the key regions to win the presidency of the United States. It is the largest pendulum state in the country that has 29 of the 270 electoral votes that any candidate needs to win the elections on November 3. “We won Florida the last time, it was beautiful,” Trump recalled about the 2016 result in which he beat Hillary Clinton by the minimum, with a difference of 1% of the votes. This time, Trump arrives in Florida when polls put his opponent, Democrat Joe Biden, ahead of him in voters’ preferences and with an average distance of 4%.

Trump has chosen his words on Monday to attract the Latino vote to the polls. About 20% of Florida voters are Hispanic, the majority having roots in Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia and Puerto Rico. So in his speech he has once again brought to the table the arguments against Biden in which he accuses him of being a socialist. The president has taken up in recent days the ghost of the authoritarian governments of Cuba and Venezuela, and has assured that the Democrats seek to establish that form of government in the United States. Thus, Trump appeals to conservative groups that agree with the Venezuelan and Cuban diaspora that have settled in the peninsula. “My opponent wants to give everything to Cuba and the Castros, and he also wants to give everything to Nicaragua and Venezuela,” he said.

Sanford, located north of the city of Orlando, has a significant population of Puerto Ricans, so Trump has also spoken to the citizens of the island about the support he received last week from the governor of Puerto Rico, Wanda Vázquez. . In addition, he has promised that he will work on rebuilding the island’s pharmaceutical industry to boost the region’s economy. “I will always fight for Puerto Rico,” he said.

Trump has not left any loose ends in his agenda on Latin America, he has even addressed the issue of the border, despite the fact that in Florida the issue is of little interest. He has insisted that Mexico will pay for the construction of the wall, of which only a few kilometers have been built, and has also pointed out the cooperation of the Mexican government to protect the border. “There are 27,000 Mexican soldiers protecting the border. Mexico is doing great ”, he assured. Donald Trump will continue with an intense tour the rest of the week in which he is expected to hold rallies in Iowa, Pennsylvania and North Carolina, also key states for the elections to be held in 22 days.

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