In the U.S., Donald Trump supporters with their cars continued to disrupt traffic on Sunday.

At noon local time, Trump supporters deliberately blocked a highway in the state of New Jersey. According to some estimates, the car hose would have had as many as another hundred Trump supporter cars.

In the split video of the rapture, its supposed photographer is heard glowing with enthusiasm.

– We closed it, baby! We closed it! the supporter shouts.

If the tweet is not visible, you can watch a video of the motorway blockage from here.

According to polls, Trump would be losing in New Jersey by as much as 20 percentage points.

In New York, the gap is expected to be even greater in favor of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. There, too, Trump supporters were harassed on Sunday.

At about 3 p.m., Trump supporters drove their cars to block the Mario Cuomo Bridge in New York. Several supporters parked their cars and got out to wave their Trump tickets.

If the tweet doesn’t show up, you can watch a video of what happened on the Mario Cuomo Bridge in New York from here.

This is a follow-up to the incident in Texas where Trump supporters besieged Biden’s campaign bus. The harassment of Trump’s supporters caused at least one collision, the British newspaper The Independent says.

Democrats canceled the incident campaign event in Texas due to security concerns. U.S. federal police have launched an investigation into the case.

Trump commented on the issue by sharing a video of the harassment of his supporters.

– I love Texas! Trump wrote the video in connection.