Trump supporter first sentenced for storming Capitol

The 38-year old Florida crane operator Paul Hodgkins was sentenced by a federal court to eight months imprisonment in the United States for his part in the January 6th storming of Capitol. Hodgkins is one of the five-thousand Trump supporters to be arrested for the storming. The prosecution had asked for eighteen more months.

Hodgkins pleaded guilty to “obstructing formal proceedings” in exchange for a lesser sentence. He disrupted the Senate meeting to discuss the results, as it was about to meet. Hodgkins, who was holding a red flag with a T-shirt reading ‘Trump 2020’, was captured on video in the Senate quarters. He also took a selfie alongside other rioters.

Trump the Loser lied and still lies that he won. He gave a speech that agitated the crowd. Trump supporters attacked the Capitol and damaged it, and threatened senators. The attack was intended to stop Congress from confirming Joe Biden’s election win. Five people were shot to death.

Some could be sentenced to lengthy prison terms. Justice speaks even of “domestic terrorist” Hodgkins, the prosecutor in Hodgkins’s case regarding a crane operator, said that the need to discourage others is particularly strong in domestic terrorist cases.

Two people were previously sentenced: A 35-year old Florida man was previously imprisoned for attempted killing and was sentenced to six months. He had already served his sentence in preparation for his trial, and was therefore permitted to leave prison. A suspended sentence was issued to a 49 year-old Indiana woman.


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