Trump says he will leave the White House if the Electoral College confirms Biden

The outgoing president of the United States, Donald Trump, said Thursday that will leave the White House if, as expected, the Electoral College, which plans to meet next December 14 to carry out its vote, confirms Joe Biden as the winner of the elections.

Asked by journalists if he would leave the White House peacefully on the day of the new president’s inauguration, on January 20, Trump replied: “I certainly will, and you know it, but I think a lot will happen between now and January 20, many things. “” Massive fraud has been discovered, we are like a third world country, “he added, again, without providing evidence.

Trump admitted that “It will be very difficult” to admit his defeat, and insisted that if the authorities confirm the current results (the victory to Biden), “They will have made a mistake.”

On the occasion of the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, and after speaking by videoconference with American troops abroad, Trump appeared before the press for the first time answering questions of journalists, since Biden was declared the winner of the election by media projections.

The outgoing president did not miss the opportunity to continue insisting that the winner of the presidential elections on November 3 was he, and that he also prevailed by a “tremendous” majority of votes, Although the latest polls handled by the US media give Biden about 80 million votes, almost seven million more of which the republican magnate would have obtained.

Trump argued that the difficulty of admitting the results lies in the fact that “there was a massive fraud”, and once again, as he has been doing for the last few days, he announced that in the coming weeks “things” will be tested that will be “shocking to people.”

In just over half an hour with reporters, Trump also had time to announce that “probably” on Saturday will travel to the state of Georgia, where he could participate in some kind of political rally to support the two Republican candidates at stake in the second round of elections for the Senate.



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