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US President Donald Trump has assured this Sunday that he no longer has the coronavirus and that also is “immune” to the new disease after having developed antibodies, for which he hopes to resume the campaign for his re-election shortly in the presidential elections on November 3.

“Yes, and not only that. I seem to be immune. I can get out of the basement, even though I would have done it anyway“Trump said during an interview on Fox News when asked if his doctor has told him that he does not have coronavirus. So far there have been no no official confirmation Trump has tested negative for coronavirus.

“The president is in very good shape to fight the battles “, has affirmed Trump speaking of himself in the third person.” I have defeated this horrible and crazy china virus (…). I have passed the biggest exam, with the best marks, and I am in great shape. I will tell you that I feel fantastic. I feel very good, “he added.

The tenant of the White House has highlighted the work of the medical team that has treated him. “They are the best (…). They say I am totally free of contagions. Not contagion “, has riveted.

Regarding his management with respect to the virus, he has warned that there are projections with more than two million deaths in the United States, when now the official figure is 200,000. “Some say that we have done a great job“, has indicated.

Trump tested positive on October 1 and was hospitalized the next day. After a few hours of uncertainty, he was transferred back to the White House on October 5 after recovering and on October 10 he starred in a new campaign event, outdoors and in the White House itself.



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