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The president of United States, Donald Trump, has stated this Thursday that “For years” he has denounced white supremacism and he has criticized that his rival in the presidential elections, Joe Biden, is not questioned if he does the same with the antifascists, which he does condemn.

“I have denounced the white supremacists for years, but it always starts with that question, nobody asks Joe Biden if he denounces the anti-fascists,” he protested.

“I denounce the supremacists and those left-wing people who are burning our cities, which are governed by Democrats,” said a Donald Trump, who has denied, on the other hand, knowing the far-right movement Qanon, whose conspiracy theories place the US president as the victim of an international network of pedophiles he is trying to combat.

America has lived this Thursday night a new episode towards the presidential race with two different encounters in which Trump and Biden They have not faced each other, but the questions of the voters.

Both have disputed the television audience with two events scheduled at the same time, as a replacement for the frustrated electoral debate that was to have been held this Thursday in Miami, a place chosen by Trump to respond to voters through NBC, while Biden has preferred his home state, Pennsylvania, under the cameras of ABC.

Trump has also been questioned about another of the great issues inside and outside of US politics, the use of the mask to avoid a possible contagion of coronavirus, which has so far left more than 7.9 million accumulated cases and almost 218,000 deaths in the United States alone.

On this occasion he has indicated that his opinion on the matter has not changed since he contracted the disease and that although he is in favor of its use, he has slipped, repeatedly using erroneous information, that there are “many different stories” of public health officials talking about Its use.

The American mogul too you have complained about the “bad” treatment you are receiving from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), after voters have asked you about your taxes and why you haven’t filed your returns, as all candidates have traditionally done.

“The IRS treats me very badly. They treat me very, very badly,” he insisted, and later added that “there are people from previous administrations” who (…) “like to change the game, change the rules, do everything “said Trump.



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