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The outgoing president of the United States, Donald Trump, declared this Sunday that his rival and president-elect of the country, Joe Biden, has won the elections of last November 3, although it has because the elections were “rigged”, thus insisting on the complaint that he has been maintaining for months about irregularities in the vote, and that so far he has not proven.

“(Biden) Won because the elections were rigged. There were no supervisors or observers, “Trump wrote on his Twitter account, in a message in which he accused the Dominion company,” owned by the radical left, “of supplying” misleading “vote-counting equipment with complicity. of “the false and mute means of communication”.

“All the mechanical ‘errors’ The events that occurred on election night were actually Democrats caught trying to steal votes. But those who were not caught were very successful. Elections by mail are a sick joke, “he added.

Until now no electoral court or authority, including Republicans themselves responsible for monitoring the count, has validated these accusations.



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