Trump resumes his pace on Twitter with an advance of messages

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The president of the USA, Donald Trump, has recovered his rhythm on Twitter this Monday after several days in which he has barely written as a result of his hospitalization to be treated for the symptoms of covid-19.

In a chain of 19 messages, all of them in uppercase and with exclamation marks, Trump has called on his followers to vote for him. “Stock market rises. Vote!”, “Stronger than ever militarily. Vote!”, “Law and order. Vote!”, “Religious freedom. Vote!”, And so on up to 19 tweets.

Admitted since Friday afternoon to the Walter Reed military hospital, the US president could be discharged this Monday, according to his doctors.

To the general astonishment, Trump left the center on Sunday in a vehicle to greet the sympathizers who are at the doors of the hospital, arousing a great controversy due to the alleged risk to the health of the secret service agents who accompanied him.



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