Trump commented on the issue at the White House. He refused to guarantee a peaceful change of power when asked directly about the matter.

– We have to see what happens, he replied.

After this, Trump drifted to snort in his familiar way of holding elections and especially advance votes sent by mail.

– You know that I complained vigorously voting ballots and the ballots are a disaster, he said.

Trump has repeatedly argued that advance votes sent by mail are used for election fraud, even though there is evidence that postal voting is extremely reliable. Trump accuses Democrats of encouraging postal voting so they can tamper with the election result.

Eventually, Trump ended up saying something that many have interpreted to mean an attempt to reject advance votes.

– Let’s get rid of the votes and then we get very peaceful, to be honest it’s not a change of power. It’s a sequel, he formulated.

Indeed, Trump expects the entire controversy over the election results and advance votes to end up in the U.S. Supreme Court.

That is why he wants to nominate his candidate quickly and expects the Senate to consider it soon, as there would then be six Conservative and three Liberal judges in the Supreme Court.

The result of the election may therefore be decided by the Supreme Court, where there would be as many judges appointed by Trump as there are judges in the Liberal Wing.

Republican Senator Mitt Romney has already condemned Trump’s statements. According to him, the hint that one would not consent to a peaceful change of power is incomprehensible and unacceptable.

– A peaceful change of power is essential for democracy. Without it, the result will be Belarus, Romney tweets.