Trump redoubles the strategy of minimizing Covid-19

Might this go away Bidenre Trump?

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Some campaign advisers dreamed of Donald Trump (and some Democratic strategists feared) that the contagion of coronavirus from the president of the United States, his first-person experience and his passage through the hospital, would change things. They thought that the Republican, less than a month before an election that polls show him against, could finally hide under a human and empathetic veneer the mismanagement that he and his Administration have done during the nine months of the pandemic and winning some undecided moderate votes. They were wrong and the president increases the crisis.

his strategy of minimize virus severity It is not the same as before your infection but it is, literally and figuratively, on steroids. In her target she only seems to have the mobilization of its bases more faithful, possibly because it also relies on a plan to question any contrary result and challenge it in court. And from the moment he returned to the White House on Monday after spending four days in the Walter Reed, Trump has redoubled the political and electoral exploitation his contagion, his challenge to science and truth and his disdain for suffering from a country where Covid-19 has already left more than 210,000 dead and almost 7.5 million infected without your privileged access to the best care and the latest treatments.

Trump is not cured yet nor, as his doctors recall, neither “out of all danger& rdquor ;, although his last medical report this Tuesday assured that he has no symptoms and is “extremely well & rdquor ;. Reminders of the strength of the virus come to you from 34 states where cases rise or from a Pentagon where the President and all but one member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have been put in quarantine after the positive of number 2 of the Coast Guard.

Even in what economic, how much Trump moves, there are alerts, and the President of the Federal ReserveHe has warned this Tuesday that there are serious risks of slow recovery and “unnecessary suffering of families and businesses” if another stimulus package is not approved. Hours later, the president caused falls in the bags when announcing on Twitter that he has given instructions to suspend negotiations on these aid until after the elections.

Euphoria and falsehoods

On Monday, Trump removed his mask as soon as he arrived at the White House and recorded a video with an euphoric message urging Americans to “don’t be afraid of the virus” y “don’t let it dominate your lives& rdquor;, boasting of having been “a leader & rdquor; and of having overcome his illness with medications that he falsely said had been developed under his administration (only one of them was).

Trump even raised that he could already be immune and promised a vaccine “soon & rdquor;. It’s a promise that was better understood on Tuesday, when it emerged that the White House has blocked the Medicines Agency in the publication of new guidelines on the emergency authorization of a potential vaccine that would almost certainly delay the green light.

The falsehoods did not end there. The man who confessed to Bob Woodward earlier this year that he knew Covid-19 is worse than the worst flu on Tuesday used Twitter to, among other things, return to exaggerate the lethality of that disease to downplay this pandemic. The social network returned to flag the tweet warning about the spread of “misleading and potentially harmful information”. Y Facebook, a social network that has so far been quite permissive with the president, went even further and deleted his post.

Despite this, the alerts from the medical community or the unrest among White House staff forced to keep going to work in person at a place where local sanitary orders are not respected, the president is determined to continue in his line. Immune to criticism and warnings, has also used Twitter to ensure that he is willing to participate in the second debate with joe biden, which should be held on October 15 in Miami.

Medical experts warn that it could still be contagious by then. And the format of the debate, behind closed doors and “town hall & rdquor; with citizens in the public asking questions, increases the potential exposure.



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