Trump questions science that denounces climate change and Biden calls him a “climate arsonist”

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The multiple fires that have been burning for weeks in the western United States became this Monday the last political battle between Republicans and Democrats, with President Donald Trump’s visit to the affected area and criticism from his rival, Joe Biden.

Trump has called into question scientific explanations about climate change during an event to deal with the serious forest fires that affect the western coast of the country and that are repeatedly linked to the rise in temperatures due to climate change.

The Secretary of Natural Resources for the state of California has drawn attention to the increase in temperatures in the region in recent years and has called not “2 put your head in the ground” in the face of climate change on the spot. “We want to work with you so that climate change and what it means for our forests is recognized. We are collaborating with science, which is key because if we ignore it and put our heads in the ground thinking that it is about forest mass management, we are not going to be able to protect Californians, “said Crawfoot.

Trump maintains that the fires are the result of mismanagement by state forest authorities. «A fallen tree in a short time dries up a lot, like a match, and can explode. The same leaves. When there are dry leaves on the ground, it is fuel for fires, “Trump has argued.

Urgent actions

Meanwhile, Joe Biden called Trump “Climate arsonist” for his environmental policies, in the middle of the wave of fires that devastates the west of the country. “Fires are burning suburbs in the west (of the US), flooding is destroying suburban neighborhoods in the Midwest, hurricanes are endangering suburban life all along our thing. If we have four more years of Trump’s climate denial (of the crisis), how many suburban neighborhoods will end up burned? ”Biden said in a speech in Wilmington, Delaware, where he resides.

Biden considered that the US needs a president who respects science and understands that the climate crisis is already here. “Unless we take urgent action it is going to be catastrophic,” warned the progressive, who recalled that Trump thinks the climate crisis is “a falsehood.” In that sense, he affirmed that if he is elected as president in the elections on November 3, he will try to solve the problem of global warming and outlined a series of measures that he will put into operation to create “a stronger nation, more resistant to the climate.”

In the act has been present the governor of California, Gavin Newsom, who has thanked Trump for federal support to fight the fires. Newsom recalled that there are 44,000 evacuees, 22 dead and 24 structures destroyed by the fire.



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