Trump Pressures Republican States To Change Election Results

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The campaign of Donald Trump to subvert the outcome of the presidential elections in United States has entered an even more bizarre and toxic phase for the future of the democracy American. After seeing how the courts dismissed for lack of evidence his unfounded allegations of fraud, the president has embarked on an attempt to convince the Republican states where his defeat was decided to refuse to certify the result, a move of dubious legality that he apparently seeks release the delegates in charge of delivering their votes to the winner when the Electoral College meets on December 14. That strategy has suffered its first setback in Georgia, where the manual count has again given the victory to Joe Biden, the first Democrat to take over the state in nearly three decades.

Trump has not known how to lose even when he has won, as was evident four years ago, when he said that the almost three million votes that he won Hillary Clinton in the popular vote they were cast by undocumented immigrants. The farce did not have long, despite the fact that the Republican created an investigative commission after reaching the White House, a commission that had to be dissolved shortly after due to lack of results. This time everything is much more serious because his defeat has no palliative. Almost seven million popular votes less than Biden, the most voted candidate in history, and a disadvantage in the electoral college from 306 to 232 votes. That difference is very similar to the one he made in 2016. At the time, he described his victory as “overwhelming.”

Transition in check

This time, however, the president continues to reject the basic axiom of democracy, which has turned the US into a clone of Belarus, a banana regime unable to guarantee an orderly transition in the White House when the lives of millions of people depend on it. His Administration has not even provided Biden’s team with details of its plans to deal with the pandemic, which continues to break records of contagion every day that passes. The ridiculous is monumental. The numbers don’t lieGeorgia Secretary of State, the Republican Brad Raffensperger, after completing the manual recount of the five million votes cast in the state. “I think the numbers that we have presented today are correct.”

Raffensperger initially claimed that the result had been certified, but later declined to explain that it will take a few more hours. The second recount has given Trump 1,872 more ballots than those initially counted, an insufficient number to invalidate his defeat by more than 12,000 votes.

Republican defections

As the days go by, the number of Republicans fed up with the tricks of their leader grows, who has been unable to prove any of his fanciful theories in court. “The president has now openly put pressure on officials state and local governments to subvert the will of the people and turn the result around, “he said yesterday Mitt Romney, become the voice of conscience of a party that has long since renounced it. “It is difficult to imagine a worse and more undemocratic action by an incumbent president.”

Even the best propagandists of the president in Fox News they are frustrated. Tucker Carlson explained Thursday that he had invited one of the president’s lawyers to present the case on his program, but had to surrender to the inability to Sydney Powell to deliver a single documentary evidence of the alleged fraud. “She never sent us a single test, despite our many polite requests. Not a single page. And when we pressed her, she got upset and told us to stop contacting her.” But there is not an iota of integrity left in the White House, which has made the majority of Republican voters believe that the election was a blow.

System perversion

Trump invited the parliamentary leaders of Michigan, both conservatives, with the intention of pressuring them not to certify their defeat in the state by 156,000 votes. His legal team believes that, if the strategy works, those same parliaments controlled by his party could appoint delegates loyal to the president to attribute victory to him in their respective states when the Electoral College meets. A system perversion at least daring because Michigan law requires its delegates to vote for the candidate with the most popular votes in the state. “That’s not going to happen,” the Republican leader of the Michigan Senate said this week. “We will follow the law and its procedures.”

Trump has not stopped blowing up the rules since he became president and on Thursday called two Republican auditors from the metropolitan area of Detroit that they tried to back down after certifying the result in their county, a complete interference in the electoral machinery. But it wasn’t the only Martian moment of the day. That same afternoon his lawyer, Rudolph Giuliani, gave a press conference in Washington more typical of a Dadaist staging.

The mayor of America, as he was known before becoming an inexhaustible conspiracy factory, even said that the alleged massive fraud would have been orchestrated from Venezuela, whose government would have hacked the machines that count the votes. “I know the crimes, I can smell them,” Giuliani said as they fell down his sideburns splatters of dye, a complete metaphor for the grotesque final debacle of the Trump presidency.



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