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Donald Trump told a crowd in Pennsylvania on Tuesday that is fighting “Marxists” and “lunatics”, while his rival in the November presidential elections, Democrat Joe Biden, accused him in Florida, another key state, of having treated Americans as “expendable” during the covid-19 pandemic.

Only 21 days before the elections, on November 3, and poorly positioned in the polls, Trump fired all the hype from his arsenal against Democrats and insulted Biden about his mental state.

Trump, 74, went further in his hackneyed narrative that Biden, three years older, he is too fragile to be president, when tweeting a fake photo showing the Democratic candidate in a wheelchair, surrounded by elderly people in wheelchairs in a room.

“Biden for president,” says the legend, but with the “p” crossed out to read “resident”.

Mockery of the sick elderly contrasts with the apparent difficulties -according to some polls- of the president to retain the loyalty of older adults, an important electorate.

He further said that former Vice President Biden he was “scared as a dog” during the televised debate between the two, he described it as mentally “crazy” and claimed that the Democratic leader was a pawn of communists.

“He is handing over control to socialists and Marxists and left wing extremists, “Trump told a scandalous crowd in Johnstown.” He can’t stand up to the lunatics who run his party. “

In Johnstown, the tycoon took up the image of ‘outsider’ that he maintained prior to his surprise victory in 2016, claiming he was fighting a “corrupt and selfish political class” in Washington.

“Erratic handling of the pandemic”

A few hours before, Biden in Florida kept a much smaller event in accordance with the low-profile campaign that he has maintained, focusing on Trump’s handling of the pandemic.

Equally or even more important in elections than Pennsylvania, Florida is considered a “battleground” state. There Trump triumphed in 2016, but this time the polls favor Biden.

The Democratic candidate courted older adults, telling them during a small gathering at a community pensioner center in Pembroke Pines, north of Miami, that Trump “It has never been focused on you.”
“Your handling of this pandemic It has been erratic just like his presidency, “he said.

Biden recalled that Trump has said that the virus – which has hit older adults hard – “It infects practically no one.”

“You are expendable, you are forgettable, you are virtually nobody. This is how he sees this “, said Biden, who unlike Trump wore a face mask.

Trump was also in Florida on Monday, at his first rally since he was hospitalized for covid-19. This week it will go to Iowa and North Carolina and then Florida and Georgia will return.



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