Trump makes his return to the White House a triumphant spectacle

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The president of the United States, Donald Trump, hinted after leaving the hospital that he is already immune to the coronavirus and encouraged people to go out and not fear COVID-19, by staging a triumphant return to the White House.

“I know there is a danger, there is a risk, but that’s okay. Now I’m better, maybe i’m immune, I do not know. But don’t let (the virus) dominate your lives, come out, be careful, “Trump said in a video recorded just as he arrived at the White House and shared on Twitter.

Triumphal arrival

Trump, in fact, released two videos on his favorite social network, the first of images of his arrival by helicopter to the White House with heroic music in the background and the second of a short speech recorded minutes after landing.

“I have learned many things about him coronavirus And one thing I know for sure is: don’t let it dominate you, don’t be afraid of it, you will defeat it, we have the best medical equipment, the best medications, and you will defeat it, “said the president.

“I went (Friday to the hospital), i didn’t feel very well “He added,” and two days ago, I could have left two days ago, two days ago I was already very well, better than I have been in a long time. “

The danger continues

Trump thus staged a triumphant return to the White House after his brief three-day hospitalization to treat COVID-19, a disease that in the United States has already claimed more than 210,000 lives, more than in any other country in the world.

Despite this triumphalism, the president’s doctor, Sean Conley, acknowledged that the president “it’s not out of the woods” and that he is in fact in “unexplored ground” by other COVID-19 patients due to the type of treatment he has received.



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